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telegram job scam

I applied for a job to be a email developer for **Edited for Community Guidelines**
they contacted me through telegram and told me the interview will be done over text is this real? is this fake?
i proceeded past the interview part and they sent me a check to buy "equipment" is this fake? and if you accept it what happens and what should you do ?

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All of this is fake and a scam,, including the check.  Run.

LOL im dashing towards the hills brother, i reported it to my bank and fruad+scamming investigation departments

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It is scam.

Report client then block him.

Speak only via Upwork before contract started. 

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If a client wants to communicate outside of Upwork, it is a thief waiting to steal your money. It is also a violation of the Terms of Service. Please read the Terms of Service and then read this advice from Wes. If you don't protect yourself, no one will.

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