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telegram, link and whatsapp number

Hi, how are you? proposals for projects that have been placed on this platform. the problem is that most of the clients want to talk out of the platform and charge values to offer the project. I would like to know if what they do is right and what to do to win real projects?


Hi Kaizen,


Thank you for your message. Please note that sharing your direct contact information or contacting directly outside of Upwork is considered TOS violation. 


Please check out this post for more tips on how to avoid questionable jobs and please use the flag option found on each job post or message anytime you’d like to report a violation.

Thank you


I guess you should've explained those job postings are scams.


Every now and then you'll find job postings that ask you to contact them via Telegram, WhatsApp, or whatever. Don't! Those are scams.


You'll also see those that ask you to pay in order to be selected. There's no such thing on Upwork.. those are scams too.


What you should do is NOT to apply or contact them. Ideally, you can flag them (you'll still see them on your page for at least 24h before they are removed).


It may be hard to find real clients, especially amid all the fake ones, but you should be able to find legitimate job postings.


You'll know it's a legitimate job when the description is specific and personal, doesn't include contact info, and doesn't have an unrealistic budget (not a rule, but keeps you on the safe side)


If the client has a history, it's even better.


But be aware that these don't guarantee a GOOD client.



And the freelancers wouldn't have had to ask here if they had been told about them and what to do when signing up instead of after the fact.

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