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telegram scammers again!

Since I flagged the job hours ago, and the scammer is still there - what do I have to do to get anyone from UW to check the job?

do you want me to post the link here? I know it's not allowed, but it seems to be the only way to get anyone's attention here 

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Unfortunately, that doesn't work. They have automated filters in the forum that will kick out your information, or the moderators will take it down.


I am still seeing jobs I have flagged weeks ago. I make comments when I flag it, but nothing is happening. Today, with no filters, there were 8 emails and 5 phone numbers in the feed out of 50 jobs.


You will get them to take down your link, but they won't remove the scam job ad.

ok - that solves what's the main source of income for UW - connects

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