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textile design : category and specialty category for new catalog and my portfolio

Hi, I am trying to create a  project catalog.I am a textile designer.  The system only has "design" for my category and for specialty category it doesnt have anything that I can use as a textile designer.


It is also the same when you set up your portfolio, I have to use the " Fashion Design "  category  for one section of my portfoilo. Which isnt really what I do. Is there anyway you can add the textile design categories into the above so I can be more specific and target my correct audience. thank you



Hi Bettina,


Since we are in the early stages of testing, you might not see all the categories or options you need. We will continue to build out and improve the feature as we do internal testing and receive more feedback from customers like you, who are in the Early Access Program. To learn more about Project Catalog, click here.


As for the specialized profile categories, at this time, you can select the nearest category for your skill.
We will take your comment as feedback. I will forward your concern to our Product Management team for review and action. While we cannot expect an immediate implementation, rest assured that your feedback will be reviewed.

~ Joanne
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