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the client donot pay for my work and donot response

Dear in upwork team

i have a problem with a client , that we make our contract to design exterior scene for his home for 100 $ budget and he send me the reference images and drawings since 5 march and our dead line was  yesterday .

 then i sent him more messages but he donot reply me and i found just 10 $ in escrow .

i work hard for 5 days to finish him design design before the dead line and i did that and finish the design before the dead line about 24 hours ,i sent him a watermark design because he donot respond me and tell him in my messages that " once he reply me i will send to him all the HD images without watermark " but he still donot respond .
thank you .. my regards


You can report the client, but since he is unlikely to use Upwork again he probably won't care. Upwork has no ability to obtain funds for you beyond the $10 in escrow. ALWAYS confirm the escrow amount before beginning, particularly with clients who tried to get a reduced price during negotiations. 


You must always wait to pay the money on escrow.
Without it, there is no work. Now it's too late. Smiley Indifferent


Ahmen - This seems to be the going scam on Upwork. More and more freelancers are being pulled into this scam.


Doesn't matter what was included in your proposal as to what your payment is. Doesn't matter what was agreed or negotiated on during the interview phase or through the message area. What matters is what the client actually deposits into escrow because that's what the freelancer will actually be paid.


Be careful in the future, A client can lure you into trusting them by saying, they will pay you the rest of the funds once you send them your work. Don't fall for that either. Always reference what is actually deposited into escrow before starting  any work.


I always say make sure escrow is FULLY funded either for the entire job or for each milestone as they come up BEFORE you even start work.


As to watermarks. - I don't know photoshop but one freelancer here has said that she can remove a watermark using photoshop. And I have seen jobs posted on this site asking for freelancers to remove a watermark.

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