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there are a lot of Fake Jobs

Hello everyone, 


This is first time i write here, I am not sure if this correct category to write this post.


The point is there are a lot of the Fake jobs and when i said fake i don't mean spams, i mean these jobs who still open and you can send a proposal but the client already hire a freelancer.


All of us know there are a limit connects use to send proposal, it's 60 connect for free user and every proposal take 2 connect, In fact you have 30 proposal per month and you may send proposal to these kind of jobs. 


I have 75 Submitted Proposals some of them from 5 month ago but it still open and you can send proposal to them, the question is why Upwork make a Bug behavior why client must lose 2 connect for Fake Jobs, and why some jobs still open from 5 months and more. 


I think the answer is to buy connects and increase the number of open jobs for reporting and stuff, I want to write another post to talking about Free users priority vs " Super users " it's fully funny when you have top rating and don't hire cuz you are free user.



Mahmoud Salem


You address some legitimate problems.


Clients who repeatedly post jobs without hiring anybody ARE a problem.


But the reason for this is not because Upwork wants contractors to buy connects.


Upwork actually doesn't want contractors to buy connects, and it certainly has. I desire to see contractors come away feeling like their connects are wasted. Upwork would prefer that contractors NOT buy connects, but it put the ability to do so on place as a concession to contractors who don't really know how to use the platform properly.

Today i can reply "Upwork wants contractors to buy connects" .

Do you still think upwork doesnt want users to buy connects?

Same here. I'm a professional pianist and strangely enough there are quite many jobs if search "piano". I sent 13 proposals allready, and yet all or most job titles seems fake to me. What I mean, only one job disappears from "my proposals" list what means somebody actually hired somebody. All others 12 ones are still active and seems to be active forever. There are some among them like this one: **edited for Community Guidelines** where client says that the job is urgent, they have 7 days for it... and you know what? They are passed allready, the job is still active, no one hired, etc...

You are not only loosing the connects, but you are wasting your time making reasonable proposals with custom sample examples. It will be nice to have some penalty system for clients, in case they passed some suggested time limit and did not hire anybody.

Totally agreed. 

Is upwork is fake or real. Can i waste time on website. Pls reply me **Edited for Community Guidelines**

Hello Nina,

Upwork is real and I working with it for 3 years and it's great website for me, my point is about some posted jobs not all of them




Mahmoud - I agree with you. There are jobs posted where the client has already posted 50+ jobs with no hires and no money paid. Your guess is as good as mine as to why this is ok. With all the algorithms on here, there should be one that looks at how many jobs posted versus how many hired and clients paid.


There also should be a feature where after 2 or 3 weeks (at the most) if no one is hired, the job should automatically expire no matter how often the client was "active." To be fair to the clients, when a job is about to automatically expire there should be an option to extend the posting for a certain number of weeks (no longer then 3 weeks) with an explanation as to why the job needs to be extended. And after that extension the job should be closed.

I searched this issue today because I apply on many jobs, but today i noticed 6+jobs and 0 hire. I noticed that client is using copied content of other proposals to write a job proposal. So I need an explination of why there is a need to make a fake account, add fake proposals? does it benefit upwork in some way?

Totally agreed with Kathy's suggession,



Just want to add one thing for those jobs when expired due to client not hired anyone, the connects should be returned to the freelancers respectively.  This is will be fair  thing otherwise our connects will be wasted in fake jobs which never knew until time weeks gone.


I think the connects should be ONLY consumed when a client hired someone for their job, in all other cases the connects must be returned.

@faskhan12 wrote:


I think the connects should be ONLY consumed when a client hired someone for their job, in all other cases the connects must be returned.

No, god please, no.  If you think the people-submitting-garbage-proposals-flooding-buyers-into-going-away problem is bad now, just imagine how much WORSE it will be for clients if people's connects get refunded if they don't get the job!


No, there should be a permanent "cost" to submitting a proposal, so that freelancers wil be more *thoughtful* about what jobs they submit proposals for, which drives up the quality of the proposals that clients receive, which makes Upwork more valuable to them, which makes them more inclined to use Upwork, which means more work for freelancers.


Please, god, no.  Don't ever refund connects.  That will literally ruin this site. 


Since Upwork shows you how many other proposals have been submitted, and how long ago the job was posted, what's the problem?


I generally do not bid on a job with more than 10 proposals or more than 1 week old - bidding on those jobs has a low probability of success, so it's not worth the connects.


Sure, it may be annoying to see the same old jobs show up in searches (hint: you can sort results by age, showing newest jobs first), but it's really not that inconvenient to stop paginating through results once you hit the old jobs.

Connects ARE eventually refunded if the job expires.

EDIT: I've been corrected on this. Please see below.


I received a refund on the first day of this cycle, so briefly had a total of 62 connects. At the time, I got this message from Upwork:


"Please note that a job that you have applied for, #########################, has expired or has been canceled by the client. Your proposal has been archived."


I've had another two of these messages since, but haven't checked whether I got more connects refunded.

@Richard W wrote:

Connects ARE eventually refunded if the job expires.

 Nope, they are not refunded if a job expires.

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@Rene K wrote:

@Richard W wrote:

Connects ARE eventually refunded if the job expires.

 Nope, they are not refunded if a job expires.

 So when are they refunded? When a job is cancelled by the client?

@Richard W wrote:

@Rene K wrote:

@Richard W wrote:

Connects ARE eventually refunded if the job expires.

 Nope, they are not refunded if a job expires.

 So when are they refunded? When a job is cancelled by the client?

 Yes, or by Upwork for being a scam.

Thanks for clarifying, Rene and Petra. That would explain why (now that I've checked) I don't always receive a refund of connects after receiving one of those messages from Upwork.


Totally fake jobs.  I have sent over 30 jobs that were posted within 30 minutes. 80% of those have received less than 5 proposals...I have sent proposals that say I will do the work for free as part of a research project....NOT ONE RESPONSE?  Fake.  Totally fake. When saying the same thing on other job sites and always get multiple responses.  FAKE jobs.  Don't spend your money.  


Yeah you really have to rush to apply for new jobs. These days if more than 8 hours have passed I assume I won't get it unless I'm very qualified - then I'll submit a proposal just in case their initial hire doesn't work out. I just wish that there was some incentive for clients to decline proposals. I'd really appreciate some feedback regarding why I didn't get the job but I realize it's not practical for them to do that for like 20-50 seprate proposals. But if the new pricing does cause proposals to drop then perhaps now would be a good time to change the process a bit. 

My biggest complaint right now about the new system is the fake amounts clients are putting up and then we have to bid 6 connects to find out if the post is legit or not. $5000, for example, is actually a perfectly reasonable amount for a logo for someone of high quality, and a legit bid would probably be $1500-$5000 based on the skills of the person. But then what the client actually wants it for could be like $100 so we have to bid 6 connects only to find out the client never wanted quality and just stuck up a random placeholder bid. This makes the new system a bit ridiculous. 


One person even just put up a job for $1,000,000. Now I never bid on those things but what are they willing to pay? Anywhere most likely from $100-$5000. Who knows lol.


I personally like bidding on the bigger jobs that are real and the $5000, for example, could be legit and something decent like a $2000-$5000 job, or it could be they want it for $100 and now I gotta spend 6 connects to find out. They can still sound very serious and have a great post but still want it for $100 even though it is up for $5000. 

I saw 4 connects for a $20 job.


You are so right about the Fake jobs. I recently was contacted by a client that wanted to meet on hangouts. I do not every message on another system. And I stated that to the client, who quickly cut contact with me. However, that cost me 4 connects to find that out. Even with all my guidelines, I use to help me find legit posts, I still get jobs that will sit for months without the client's response. I have started going in after 30 days, withdrawing my proposal and stating it is an unresponsive client. Does anyone know if that affects the client's rating?



Yes this is a real serious problem. I am thinking we should have some score system similar like the freelancers having. 


1-2 years ago, I don't need to use up all my connects and got good amount of jobs. Lately, clients ask for more and more connects to submit a proposal. I would say an average 4-6 connects. This month  I paid 2 times for buying connects. I'm seriously thinking about switching platform. There is something wrong in here.

"The point is there are a lot of the Fake jobs and when i said fake i don't mean spams, i mean these jobs who still open and you can send a proposal but the client already hire a freelancer."


Mahmoud, there are many reasons jobs go unfilled. I responded to a job post seeking a high-powered management consultant for three months; in the "getting to know you" conversation I solved the problem in less than an hour. Some clients post on several platforms. I used to respond to highly complex programs and would only do so after finding out if the skills I needed existed somewhere at an affordable rate.Sometimes projects are canceled. Sometimes the poster cannot find an affordable freelancer.