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time tracker suddenly start requesting for activity code and My client doesnt know what to do.



I'm not able to start timetracking or to add manual time, I get each time the following error "This client requires an activity code for tracking time, but hasn't assigned you any activities."


I have the activity code but the time tracker still wont work, Really pissing my client off at this point


Hi Femi,


Please be aware that activities are used by clients to tag their freelancer's time to different types of work, projects, or other trackable items within a single hourly contract. Freelancers can select from these labels when tracking time so all time is properly billed. Clients can also edit Activities in their freelancer's Work Diaries if they prefer to handle it themselves.


Please have your client review this help article to learn more about adding and using activities along with detailed instructions on how to manage them.


~ Arjay
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