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time tracker

i have network of 5 computers as a render farm with  workstation,  the workstation  i work is not connected to internet , i have a separate machine conected to internet , so how can i time track my projects?


is it a must to install upwork desktop app in the workstation , ( because there is  screen shot capture )


plz help me on this



If your client allows it then you can log manual time for your contracts. However manual time is not protected by Upwork. If you would like to take advantage of the payment protection then 1 of the steps you must follow is using the time tracker app.


Im sorry but cant answer your technical question as im not sure about the ability to install on a non connected machine.


Maybe you can use some share screen tool? Open it in your machine with tracker. So for screenshots i think this is enough. Also there is one moment that you can track up to 12 hours without internet (check in help).