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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "now what can i do to improve my profile to 100%"



Your oDesk profile is set to private, so none of us here in the Community Forum who offer advice to new contractors are able to see it in order to offer further advice.


If you set your profile to public, we can take a look and tell you what we think you should do to finish your profile to 100% and also make it an effective profile for getting hired.



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tabassum a Member Since: May 2, 2015
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Thanks alot and i am feeling soory for my act.Thanks again for sach a good advise.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Okay... I see that now you have no photo at all.


I agree that having no photo is an improvement over posting a photo of somebody else.


I want to leave that aside for now and discuss your profile overview text, which is visible to us now that you have set your profile to public.


It looks like your profile overview text is very honest. But it will not work to get you hired.


The problem about your profile overview text is that it is all about YOU.


Clients who have money to pay contractors are not interested in YOU. They are interested in THEMSELVES.


You need to talk about the CLIENTS. What are you going to do for THEM? How do THEY benefit from hiring you?


I appreciate the effort you have made so far in setting up your oDesk profile, and I appreciate the fact that you even took and did well on a couple of skill tests. But you still need to do a lot of work on your oDesk profile before you can be hired.


You will need to completely re-write every sentence in your profile overview text.


Do not belittle yourself in your profile text. Do not apologize in your profile text. Focus on your best qualities and skills and briefly explain what you have to offer as a contractor.


You will want to spend some time studying the oDesk profiles of contractors who have been successful working in the field you are interested in. Don't copy what they have written, but read many profiles and absorb into your mind a sense of what it is that makes for a successful profile page.


Read the profile text overviews of other contractors while pretending you are a client with a lot of money. Who would you hire? What impresses you? Make note of those things, and then write an honest, accurate profile overview that reflects these positive qualities.

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