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transfer big size file

I hired Upwork freelancer. She made my records of around 500mb size. How to take this record file through upwork?



Definitely don't try to transfer such through Upwork.

Use Dropbox, FTP, WeTransfer, etc. Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft One Drive, etc. Many, many options.

Your choice.

Not through Upwork.

ok. Thanks. But.....

...but all transfer methods a big size file only uses outside services without Upwork. The rules and politics of Upwork very strong. May the administration send penalty or bun for use other services? I would not like get a penalty or bun.

There are no restrictions whatsoever pertaining to this.

No penalties.

No bans.


You may have been confused because there ARE prohibitions against transferring MONEY off-platform.


There are no rules against using outside services to share files between clients and freelancers.


Upwork does NOT EVEN WANT you to share very large files using its site. It BLOCKS them. Upwork WANTS you to use outside services for this.

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