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Parth P Member Since: Aug 9, 2013
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Misty K Member Since: Feb 5, 2012
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That he is a very busy individual and gets back to you when he can? I'm sure he hired you thinking you could function on your own and provide him with the work he needs. You're showing that you have no idea where to begin? You are supposed to be a professional, so how about sitting down, working out three designs that you feel would meet his needs and send those mock-ups to him. Explain about the work that would be required for a mock-up of every page, etc. However, you need to bear in mind this client HIRED you, and is PAYING you. Coming here saying your client is STUPID! I would be so angry if I hired someone like you making preposterous claims like that. How do you know he is STUPID as you put it? That is very rude. Sorry, but you don't deserve work if you're going to have the attitude you do. You're supposed to be able to handle this work environment and get things moving. Your client counts on that as he does other things in his business. Show you're capable and quit complaining about what you have to do. Have some faith in your abilities. And also, I'm assuming this is a fixed rate job because if it was hourly I'm sure you wouldn't be complaining. Maybe you're not liking the fact that you have to put in so much time for only a fixed amount? No one forced you to take the job, so take the effort here.
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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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You could have turned this to your advantage You could have: Explained to the client why he doesn't need a mockup of every page. Explained how much time mocking up every page would waste. Saved the client time. Enhanced your reputation with the client by showing him how his project could be completed more quickly. Received great feedback by giving the client more than he expected. But you have done the opposite by calling your client stupid.
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Dianne M Member Since: Jul 25, 2013
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seems to me that someone is being a totally stupid contractor..

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If your client reads the forums, you've just guaranteed yourself bad feedback, if not an instant sacking.