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Natalie J Member Since: Aug 23, 2014
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As a concerned citizen, I am trying to help out other transcriptionist. I know this is a forum ** uses to hire people to work for her, and she lures you through Odesk. I just want to reach out to as many of her prospective clients and freelancers as I can to warn them about this dishonest wolf in sheep's clothing. She comes across as very nice, but it is all a scheme to justify her ends. First of all, she doesn't pay you what the file is worth. You can spend 10 to 12 hours working on a file that will only pay $28 or $30. As if that isn't enough, when payday comes, no money. She never pays on time. The lure to working and continuing to work for ** is that she allows you to go on a spreadsheet and choose the work you want to do thus allowing you to do the work you want to do when you want to do it. This can be very addictive because there are no other transcription companies that I know of like this. But once you're hooked, she takes progressively longer and longer to pay you. To make matters worse, she continually lies about when she's going to pay so that you will sign up for more work. Each file is done usually a month or more before the pay date so the transcriber does not know until a month or more that she/he won't get paid on time. Transcribers plead and beg for their money and don't get an answer. when she does answer there's always some excuse that is obviously a lie -- I mean, who goes through these things and every payday. So just a warning for anyone thinking of working for her. And this is after she lures you to work independently for her away from Odesk. While working on Odesk, she blames the money issues on them, and you believe it because you don't know any better. If you need your money for something you will be very hurt when she doesn't have a clue when you'll get it. *"Removed by admin"