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updated job review not showing in my profile

After successful completion of job i requested my client to update his review on my job he did it but it is not reflecting in my profile it is showing old review but when i open this job i have different review please help its urgent


Review changes won't show up on your profile page immediately. You will have to wait. 

Wait about 24 hours.


Same here. I was wondering how long it takes for a review I saw from a previous client in an email pop-up on my profile. I just wonder what the starndard update is for profile hourly verses a fixed rate. This review was from last week so I thought it would up date by now...

Hi R. K.,


It may take a bit longed for an hourly contract to show in Work History since it only shows once the first payment is processed.

I refreshed your profile and the contract is now showing.

~ Valeria



I'm also having the same issue. Please check. Thank you!

Hi Edcel,


I checked and the information in your Work History is up to date now. Please, let us know if you have any further questions.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria, 


Thank you. I think im having the same issue now as i have another job that has closed already and the client has given me a review and its still not reflecting. Please can you check? I appreciate the help. Thanks!



It does take some time for the profile to update and the most recent feedback to reflect. It looks like yours is up to date already.

~ Valeria
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