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upwork is automatically refunding my earning with telling me

why this is happening that upwork is refunding my earning without telling me at any level..

has this happened with anyone at any level 

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how come you refund all our money we work for it and we invest a lot of time to work on it i have right to file a case and also this issue should be known by cyber security agencies im not have to the result i thought upwork can hold a security and also a good work and im wrong . you need to fix this we need an acceptable reason why happened this . we work for it for so hard to earn money and i know this will be shame on upwork the result of this case you will be not happy on this result . 

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Dear Upwork,

I have 800$+ amount in my account. At this time zero available, Where my amount please check and tell me.


Once a payment is released to the freelancer, there is a 5-day security period before it becomes available for withdrawl.


If you go to Reports, and click Overview, you will see where in this process your money is. If it's under Pending, it will show you the date the funds become available to withdraw.



 What do you mean Esha? Have you also worked with **edited for Community Guidelines**? We are a 100 freelancers suffering from this issue and upwork refunded all the money I have in upwork for no reason. Is this platform is still safe? To let us know we worked for an hourly contract and it is "Hourly Protected" Then why we refunded me for a total of $1,165? 

Can someone's would offer a truly help not to refer me to a ticket that has been already initiated?

If you have a problem with clients please blocked him. 




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I received a notification with regards to the unexpected large amount of refund to my client. and until i am not able to get paid because my financial transaction is limited. What really bothers me is that how come upwork can give a large amount of refund to our previous client without our concern. 

Hi everyone, 

I would appreciate if you can update this thread if you have further questions about the concern with your financial transactions so that our team can assist you more efficiently.

I checked this with the team, and please know that they are still investigating this issue with your accounts. They will get back to you soon once they have more concrete information about the issue. In the meantime, I would like to request for your patience as they look into this further. I understand that it is very frustrating not to have access to your financial transactions, and not to get instant updates regarding the issue. However, please know that the team is staying on top of this issue so that it can be resolved soon. 

Thank you for your understanding.

~ Avery

sir i just want to inform you that even my companions that work for **Edited for Community Guidelines** also have this issue. What worst is that their available earnings
become 0, because of the unusual refund to **Edited for Community Guidelines**

it is frustrating and it is depressing that a platform is doing a forced pressure to its freelancers..

I hope this issue resolves soon because on each day I getting more depress towards work and towards being able to say I am a freelancer and I am using upwork as a platform ...??

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Upwork also reversed my earned funds from my other long term client. Is this a joke? 

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Support Team has lifted financial restrictions from the account and has said that they will credit the funds back after checking the work and completing the investigation going on the client. Upwork will refund to those freelancers who followed the Upwork Hourly Protection and worked accordingly. I hope this issue resolves soon and we all get our funds back.

Thank you!

yes financial limitation is uplifted and resolved i hope upwork team is doing everything to protect us from this unwanted situation fingers cross

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Naveed,


I`m sorry about the inconvenience this had caused you. 
I can see that you`re communicating with our team on your ticket and you have followed up with additional questions. Our team will update your ticket as soon as possible and assist you further. Thank you.

~ Goran

i don't know why my earning 178$ and 8$ are refunded to one of my clients
even though he gave me a full star and great work comment in messaging
please let me know I want to file a dispute against this asap please guide

Hi Grove,

i wasn't told about the refund and in my knowledge, my client gave me full star it means he was very happy the work i did and now i am seeing a refund from nowhere I haven't approved any of it ..





Answer these questions, and we can provide you with more help and information:


1. Was this an hourly contract?

2. Did you log time manually?

3. Did you write descriptive memos?


yes it was an hourly contract

NO manual timing 

memos where not required because the work was straight forward(lead generation)

first, there was some investigation i was told by the work on this client and now my earning are deducted without any reason or anything.. I did my best and got full star for my work

You made a mistake. But you can learn from your mistake.


Upwork Payment Protection does NOT COVER hourly work when adequate memos are not used.


I ALWAYS use memos.

I am ALWAYS protected.


If the client's billing method fails, then Upwork pays me with its own money.


Follow the Payment Protection rules:

- client is payment verified

- adequate memos

- screenshots show working on client's project

- adequate activity levels

- no manual time

If the activity is above level 5 and client sent a msg great work ....i should have notified ...

the amount is reviewed pending after available 

  • Have an Hourly contract
  • Work with a client with a verified billing method
  • Use an Upwork account in good standing
  • Log your hours with the Upwork Desktop App
  • Be visibly working on a contract-related activity in your Work Diary
  • Annotate your Work Diary with memos or activities labels that describe the activity performed
  • Maintain adequate and fair activity levels
  • Stay within the contract's weekly limit

i have all of these that are mentioned above 

All my earnings earned from a project were removed from my account without any Notification. I have a ticket going on with support but not getting much help there. They said that the client's account was compromised and they are investigating his account but they placed a financial restriction on my account as well even when I was not being reviewed or under investigation. Now after 1 week without any clear answers or In fact any answer from support all the funds were moved from my account without a single Notification. 
So my question is how am I responsible in all this with the client's account being compromised which I don't know anything about and neither did Upwork stopped me to work for that particular client till the end and project was completed successfully with 5-star reviews. Where's Upwork Hourly Protection? 
Why am I not being protected as I always follow all the rules? 


Hi Asad,

I understand your frustration with this and I`m sorry about the inconvenience it had caused you. I checked your ticket and I can see that our team is investigating it further. Once this is completed our team will update your ticket with more details and will assist you further directly on your ticket. Thank you.

~ Goran

Hi Goran,
It's been more than 72hrs without a single response from the support team and then they also moved the funds without any notification or any kind of explanation. I feel like being ignored by Upwork at this point because it's their fault and they're trying to hide it by ignoring freelancers and giving one-sided decisions. I delivered the work on time and the client left 5 stars and the job was closed. Now after 10 days Upwork starts investigation saying the client's account got compromised. How was I supposed to know if a client is compromised? Isn't it the Upwork responsibility to secure both ends or at least notify us to stop the work?

Hi Asad,

Same happened to me is your account is limited as well...?

Yes, Upwork have restricted my financial account as well even when I am not being investigated or under review.

Thanks, Asad for the quick feedback on my question.

i have submitted a ticket for my issue that is almost same as you but they are not giving me any feedback

let me know if your issue is being resolved or you find any solution to this thing 


Naveed I wrote:

i have all of these that are mentioned above 

So why do you write:
memos where not required because the work was straight forward(lead generation)

i checked and i wrote them as well

Hi Preston,
I follow all the rules to stay secure but this is the first time that my funds got moved by Upwork without any notification and no response from support as well. If you can check my work diary you will know that Upwork Hourly Payment should protect me instead they removed my funds and left my account under financial restriction.


I hope you receive all the money that you worked for.


Over the past couple of days, MANY freelancers have had an issue similar to yours.


Maybe there is some sort of systemic problem with Upwork itself, which would be good news for you because it means that once the problem is fixed, you will get your money.

Hi Preston,
Yeah, I see other guys hired by that client also facing same issue. Well, the support did say the client was compromised. But haven't heard anything from support in the last 72hrs and Live Chat agents don't know much about our issue so we're just stuck waiting for the support.
I hope they work out something and also hear us before making any final decisions because we delivered the work and now we are left waiting with financial restrictions on our accounts.

simply you told this word but it already 8 days gone but no solution yet

Hi Mahabub,
Kindly open a ticket with support so they know we all are getting affected by their actions and the financial restriction must be removed from our accounts. 

opened 8 days ago

I also sent a ticket 8 days ago but not getting any response from the last 72hrs.

Hi Preston,
Yeah, all the freelancers hired by that client are under financial restriction for over a week now even when we are not under Investigation we are being treated like we are under investigation while it's the client who is under investigation. Waiting for support to response. Let's see what they have to say about it.

At least they should  have notified me and others who have the same issue (this system bug just made me demotivated about my performance and dedication towards work )


I am no employee//i am a freelancer (digital nomad) who loves to work as hard as possible.


in each work, upwork deduct its cut//thats fine because you are providing me a platform but this is not fair without notifying me before doing something to what I have earned and I don't know how to express my self more.

I totally agree with you Naveed. Because if a person does such a thing which upwork did take the money quietly it's called stealing. I'm not sure what to call this action of Upwork.

Preston H wrote:


I hope you receive all the money that you worked for.


Over the past couple of days, MANY freelancers have had an issue similar to yours.


Maybe there is some sort of systemic problem with Upwork itself, which would be good news for you because it means that once the problem is fixed, you will get your money.

No, it's not a systemic problem. It's a client who hired 100 freelancers on an hourly contract for "Leads Generation" while only interviewing 11 of them, and probably every one of those 100 freelancers is experiencing the same issue.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce
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