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upwork is automatically refunding my earning with telling me

why this is happening that upwork is refunding my earning without telling me at any level..

has this happened with anyone at any level 

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Hi John,
The client hired us via Upwork took daily reports asked modifications and everything was delivered to him timely without any Quality issues or such. How were we supposed to know if the client got compromised or playing us all along when he is acting all real, asking daily reports and modifications. There's no way we could have known that the client was compromised but Upwork has a secure system so at least they could have detected it and stopped us from working on that project. I'm copying my chat with him before he hired me and you can see for yourself.

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Hi Asad and Naveed,


I understand this is a very frustrating situation but rest assured that the team is working to resolve it and will be sharing more information with you via the ticket soon. 

We can't discuss details here in the public Community and I'd like to ask you to refrain from posting private information and communication here as well. We'll be updating you directly.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria

again upwork refunded 138$ from my account what is this

again it's now 249$ refunded to that same client ...what is this still you are not telling me anything

please upwork give my 50 hours back , can you give me?

You are refunded our money without knowing us , is it fair?

Now upwork continue cheating with our hard work hours and money

this is not fair and not a right business ethics either

Naveed I wrote:

again it's now 249$ refunded to that same client ...what is this still you are not telling me anything

Have you asked the client why they failed to pay Upwork for your hours?


Md Mahabub A wrote:

please upwork give my 50 hours back , can you give me?

You are refunded our money without knowing us , is it fair?

It's not "really" a refund. If your client has never paid Upwork for your hours, and you didn't use the tracker correctly, then Upwork won't pay you out of their own pocket.

So don't think of it as a refund, it's an accounting exercise to correct the accounts to better reflect the fact that your client didn't pay.



tracker is used correctly as well as payment were available in the account
without notifying me the payment are deducted ..this is what happened many
times with me in this month

Naveed, I answer you, but it's for everyone.
I don't know if there will be any fault in Upwork, but ...

If there is a money problem with the customer in an hourly contract, as long as the payment was verified at the time of the contract, Upwork will take care of the payment of the hours (I think up to a limit). I know it from my own experience.
This, provided you have used the Time Tracker correctly.
And this entails, NOT manual hours, ALWAYS write memos, SUFFICIENT activity in the records and ALWAYS screenshots about the work for this client.
If not, all hours that do not follow these guidelines will not be covered by Upwork (ALL these guidelines).


You said "memos where not required because the work was straight forward (lead generation)", so those hours without memos are not covered. The client can refuse them and you cannot do anything (and Upwork will not take care of them).


All this, apart from the fact that there may be some failure for payments by Upwork.

Thank you for this great feedback 

I have everything in order waiting for upwork feedback so I can have more clarity in this matter 

I think its not my only issue it is an issue of almost 100 or more freelancers around the world.

if the payments were in review and pending and then available,, after that you refunded and the account was still on financially limited issue ////actually personally i have suffered by this very badly ...my tools which were paid couldn't be able to pay dues because financial limit issue and most importantly my other clients suffered !!!!! due to upwork not communicating in the first place.

so, in that case, upwork was silent until I asked some simple questions ....because my clients are my first priority !!


I just want this thing to be fixed immediately so I can work more and contribute myself towards this core  idea to be free and work where ever you want at any time...(i want to work in a platform where justice for clients and for freelancer are same because both are pillar of your platform and my platform that is upwork.


Before this thing happened I loved this platform and still, I do but I was left behind this is all these matters to me ///money comes and go (the thing matters is the human touch)

Have a wonderful day and thank you for your feedback

Hi Goran, This issue happened with me today. All my earnings were refunded to the clients!! I have opened a ticket but still not getting any response. Can you pls help me to solve this issue and get my earnings back


If you opened a ticket, someone will get back to you.


It sounds like this was a chargeback. If it was, you will not be able to retrieve the money. There are two kinds of chargebacks: the card is stolen or the client wants free work. Either way, once the bank is involved, they freeze all assets until the money is straightened out. Freelancers in this situation never get the money.


I'm not sure from your profile which job you are referencing. What was the job? Did you buy something for the client?

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