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upwork is now cheapwork

Why not just rebrand the company and compete with that other cheap gig site?  Lately I have seen a huge majority of requests for cheap $10, $15 labor, still expected to meet the client's high standards.

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Hey Tarik,


Hahaha!! Funny!, but sad, but funny. 😉

We've started a HUGE THREAD relating to this issue. 
Have you been experiencing job slowness beginning around May 2022? --- bc MANY of us freelancers have been hearing.......practically NOTHING for the last 4 months.


Yep, scammers, fake jobs, bots, low-paying insulting job posts (WTF). 


Look at the post Dusty wrote: 

The Quest to find solutions to help us freelancers THRIVE on Upwork— PLATFORM CHANGES MUST HAPPEN!  

(I made up the title! Gotta jazz it up, yo!!)



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Man, that other gig platform is very crazy! When looking for jobs in the "buyer requests", I can see a lot of job posts like:

"I want an experienced professional to do this job, just bid if you are realy professional, no amateurs. I demand high quality work. You must do (something that is realy hard to do and will take at least a month to do) it in 3 days. You must deliver job done before I place order. My budget is fixed $10. Don´t bid if you can´t do it within my budget."

Completely crazy a job post like this!

I know!  Those listings are a trip.  Hopefully the old adage, "You get what you pay for.", comes true for those particular clients 🙂

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It's kind of just a product of Inflation, I believe.  When the cost / price of everything goes up, even clients try to 'cut costs' , hoping to get the same high-quality for 'dirt cheap'. 


"Please build me an entire I-Phone app and an entire Android app which is a full social media platform. Deliver within 18 hours. Software code must be flawless. Fixed price: $5"


Many clients believe if you just 'demand' lots of stuff for a cheap price, then the price itself goes down ' by nature'.  However, that's not how Inflation works.  Things cost what they cost, and you can either afford it or you can't. 'Demanding' and 'wishing for' a cheaper price doesn't actually cause the price to actually go down. It didn't work when the Gas prices went up over $5.00/gallon and it's not going to work now. A few months ago, if you didn't pay whatever the price was on the gas pump when you drove up, you simply didn't receive any gas: You had to either keep driving around until you found gas you could afford or go without the gas, but yelling at the gas station attendant and telling them what you thought the gas was 'worth' didn't put gas in your car or result in a lower price. You either had to pay or leave. Simple. Those are your options.  The same thing is true with Labor: Just because clients are being penny-wise and pound-foolish, doesn't mean any freelancer should simply begin offering Labor at the 'cheaper' price they demand just to meet their demands.  The real world value of the Labor didn't go 'down', so there is no reason for a freelancer's price to 'go down'.


I see quite a few jobs listed like that, and also see very few proposals sent in for those types of unrealistic jobs - at least in my Industry.  Just because a client 'demands' and 'wishes' the could get a top-notch mobile developer to build a full app for $5, doesn't make it a reality.    None of the seasoned freelancers will bid on it, and whatever proposals they get are usually from unproven people on the platform that are very likely to not be able to complete the job, or possibly just rip the client off or waste their time.  But, hey, you get what you pay for. The 'cheapest' option doesn't always 'save money' in the long-run.  Sometimes it is better to wait until you can actually afford what you need instead of offering garbage wages and getting garbage in return.  Clients like that usually get the message when their job posts keep getting ignored or after enough serious/proven freelancers they 'invite' laugh in their faces like  "Is this a joke?"

As a client, I think it would be awesome if I could use Upwork as a magic wishing well. It would be awesome if I could plop down a few coins and obtain miraculous results.


But it doesn't actually work that way.

You are right. My experience in life: You generally get the QUALITY you pay for....there are some 'scams' - yes, but you generally get no better quality than what you PAY for.  If you go to a used card lot and pay $3 for a car, you can't complain when the car breaks down when you drive 3 blocks away from the lot after buying it.  What I don't understand is more  clients not asking the question "Why is this person willing to deliver a project this large for $5? What's the catch?"   My life experience: Most of the time something is advertised as being "cheap" or "Free", they usually turn out to be NEITHER  in the end, but maybe I just have "bad luck" LOL

Right? Next time, I'll say to prospective Client, "Just pay with your lucky rabbit's foot, magic beans or fairy pixie dust."


Wake up, Alice. 😉


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Hi Tarik,

I am new on Upwork and I was thinking this is the trend here. But because I was desperatly looking for a project to crack my profile, I have adjusted my rate more than 3ce. Even at that, I have declined 2 offers recently. One told me to hire Sales on commission basis but he will only pay me when the staff I hired for him cracked 2 deals. Can you imagine that? the other has $15 and below 30hours weekly on job advert and reduced to $8 on offer lesser than 10hour per week. He afterward sent an NDA to me stating not more than 3hour per week for getting different candidates in different counrties and submitting via email and their website. Can you just imagine such?


I feel Upwork should put some policies in place as regards this trend.

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