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upwork refunded a previous client 2 weeks after client approved the payment

I am having terrible experience with upwork support team. I cant withdraw money or buy connects from a week ago and the support team member told me that they are holding my withdrawals because of inconsistency of a previous client account.

today upwork refunded the money without my permission although the project was fixed price and the client approved the payment and ended the contract two weeks ago. also after the refund my withdrawals are still under hold and I still cant buy connects so my work is totally affected. I have open dispute on upwork support but the support member response is very slow and they are not helping at all.  what should I do. please I need help.  I am totally unsatisfied from this way of treatment. will I get compensated for the week I didnt work because of you.  please I need help


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Upwork doesn't ask your permission before refunding the money or notify you before they do. And you will not be compensated for the week you didn't work.

I know that I will not get compensated and I am not requesting to be compensated but I want to say that the support members should be faster in their responses becuse i am  getting negatively affected. also I want to ask why refunding money for a project that I spent time and effort to do it . the client approved the payment and is totally satisfied. also how there is inconcistencies in client accout, what I know is that in case of fixed price projects client put the full amount in escrow so there is no such a way of the client scamming upwork.  

did you have similar bad experience here on upwork

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Community Manager

Hi Hazem,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked and it seems that you are already in correspondence with our team on your support ticket. Please allow more time for our team to review your case and respond accordingly to your ticket. You will be notified of their response.

~ Nikola

Its been a week since my issue and its not solved yet, as I wrote my work is affected and their response is very slow

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