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validity of offer

Can somebody please answer me if I can trust an offer I got today for job, where in msg says that I should contact them on Telegram, with Telegram name if I'm interessting.



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Hello Ina, I don't recomend you contact them outside UpWork because in case you have problems, UpWork will not give support if the communication is not in the UpWork messages. I received a lot of offers asking to contact them outside UpWork but I never did, I prefer to keep everything inside the plataform.
Hope this information can help you.
Kind regards,

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And communicating with a potential client outside of Upwork is a violation of Upwork's rules and may get you suspended.


Get to know each other before a contract – Upwork Customer Service & Support | Upwork Help


Threads throughout this message board are from freelancers lamenting the fraud they experienced with Telegram-based "clients."

Thank You so much, I am new on this platform so I thought I ask even I didn't respond because it was suspicious to me as soon as I read it.

Thanks for help


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Hi Ina. In another freelancing platform known for the enormous amount of scammers, it is extremely common that "potential clients" ask to be contacted on Telegram. I don't see why they wouldn't try to pull the same here.


Personally, I have already reported these kinds of messages twice. It's just too obvious they are scam messages.

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Thank You very much for Your help. I am new on this platform and as soon as I read the offer it was suspicious to me and never responded, but still hoped that somebody from Upwork community will tell me what is right.

Thank You so much and good luck,

With best regards


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