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want a fresh start and remove review regarding old service, as I will be providing new service.

Hi there, my current profile is built on Web programming and designing, and I wasn't getting many responses or orders or invites even after trying and spending a lot. After that I went on learning Google ads and put all my potential there.

Now my learning is nearly ending and all the classes are complete, moreover, I am also certified by google. I want a fresh start and provide service for Google ads, but my current account has some reviews related to programming very low budget, and they can create a bad impression when any potential vendor visits my profile for Google ads services,

I want my account refreshed, from scratch and those reviews gone, is it possible? or is there an option I can delete and build a new account?

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No. Edit current accound and use it. New accouny is ToS violation, both will be banned.

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Dear Rameel:

Its interesting question, you should use the same account. Now only you have to change services according to your new learning skills. Its better for you because some of your friends/clients can approach you already.

2.  As per Mykola A, absolutely, your both accounts will be banned. So improve your single account and enjoy learning with earning. Keep it up. Best of luck.


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