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what happens if I close a contract even before being paid?

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Fabio D Member Since: Feb 19, 2015
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I'm in quite a pickle. I have a new client and he hired me for a relatively important project and amount of money. So far so good.


He set some milestones (not of them apporved yet) but as project is developing, I'm noticing this client may (probably will) become a real problem. I already tried to explain my work process, but he's getting more stubborn every day. Basically, he wants me to "build a house starting from the roof".  In my pretty long experience, there are close to 0 chances this will end well, since the project will be a failure if I follow his instructions.

I don't want to leave him hanging, he really spent some time in this project and it's his "baby" so to speak (which makes things even mor difficult). And he spent quite some time with me and witing for my availability. Then again, I see things are getting worse every day.

Question is:  will it affect me in some way if I close the contract (obviously explaining him the reasons) even if I didn't get a cent from him? Last time I did that as a favor to someone (I gave some work for free because it was a few minutes) and my rank dropped several points. Not sure if this has changed or there's still a punishment for closing contracts without earnings.

Please let me know, otherwise I'm stuck between a project that will fail and punishment from Upwork

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Shuvo B Member Since: Jul 26, 2019
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for a successful job, you need to earn at least 5$. but if you end the contract without any earning it will count as job cancelation and will badly affect your JSS depending on how big the job is. So, it's not a wise decision. Try to do a single milestone, convince your client that you can't or won't do it due to this or that reason so that he won't give you bad ratings. 

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Fabio D Member Since: Feb 19, 2015
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well, we had a friendly discussion and we agreed to terminate it. I have ended the contract, this projectwas driving me crazy.


It's sad that Upwork crazy algos always punish the ones in teh right, but well.... it's what it is

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