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what is the status of my current job?



As I'm new to oDesk, I need your help in understanding my job status. First of all, I'm happy to say that I have got the job for my first job application itself.


It's a content writing job. My employer asked me to write 5 test articles for which he had paid in advance. he described it as the 'First Milestone-first 5 pieces'. After he saw my writing, he approved the payment. 

Currently, I'm writing my 11th article. My profile page is showing "job in progress". In the 'My Jobs' page, it is showing "No Milestones" and it's asking me if I'm waiting for my next milestone. I'm not sure what to do. Do I have to ask my employer to set another milestone? or (I'm not sure whether the contract ended or not) How should I remind him about the next milestone and the payment for the remaining articles?


while I was going through this community, I came across 'No-offer work' i.e freelancers work for employers without a proper contract and lose money. I find my employer very honest, genuine and very cooperative. But, once a suspicion arises, it's only good to clear it and work peacefully.


So, please clarify my current job status.





I am very very happy for my current job and thank you so much odesk love you odesk






Talk with your client about the milestone funding and ask him how often he plans to release money to you.


@ Sivani


It's doing that because you completed the Milestone that was set. Your client simply didn't set another Milestone and no one closed the contract. It's still ongoing. That's fine. You didn't really have to do anything to / with that. I just hope you didn't submit more work without the Milestone in place first unless you're 100% SURE your client will pay you for your work. Some do, some don't. It's better all around to have the Milestone in place.


It's fine if you send your client a message and simply request the Milestone be set for you to submit work to. Just note that currently the messaging system isn't fully working right now. The messages are sent but the Notifications don't show. From there, give it some time because there's no telling how long it will take for the client to find the message and reply and/or set another Milestone.

Thanks you Jean for helping me.


Thank you Santiago. I'll ask my employer to set milestones regularly. 

Actually, I'm li'l curious about your signature line "Why are you still reading this signature??" few months back I have seen something similar " Reading this signature is prohibited. why are you still reading? " 🙂 . Is it a satire? 


@ Sivani


"Why are you still reading this?" I use that at random in various places. It's just a joke!! Smiley Very Happy  For here, I was just seeing if it works and I couldn't come up with something better!!


I have never seen anyone else using it until you pointed it out just now. That's fine, I still get a good laugh out of the idea.


One of my students uses a minor variation of that in her online games. She left it on her char guild signature in one game and it managed to confuse the other players. After so many questions she changed it to "TriggerHappyGirls_INC". MUCH less confusion with that one !! hahahahaha

@ Santiago


After reading your message, I too had a good laugh at the sight of it. thank you.

But, I missed that laugh in the recent message.


Have a nice day.    




You can politely ask him to set up a new milestone. Always work on Milestones. Escrow Protection can't guarantee if something goes wrong. Your client will definitely understand.


When I was new here, a client asked me write an investment article for a startup website. She paid me the full amount on the same day. After delivering the article, she asked me write another one. After a couple of days, when I was about to submit it, she closed my contract without any communication, gave me an excellent feedback, and (I guess) she closed the shop. Never heard from her again. I know I wasn't cheated. But I wasn't paid for my time and effort that I had invested on the second one. Because I had no milestone assigned for the second article.


I hope this helps.