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what`s wrong with my profile?

I don`t have much working experience but i would love to work, why i can`t accept proposals from employers? what`s wrong with my profile?


I would suggest you go to Upwork's YouTube channel and watch the videos there that tell you how to set up a profile properly.


Then get back to us.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Nadezhda,


Here is the video Jean is referring to. Please, make sure you update your profile picture as the one you have currently is a a long shot. Also, work on your overview and focus more on your skills and what kind of services you are able to provide for the clients on Upwork.


~ Valeria

i don't have more experience but i like hardwork.i dont know what's problam with my id upwork did not give me aprovel . how we arjust my upworrk id to proposal any job............

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Community Manager

Hi Ghulam,


Please expand your profile overview and clearly describe your skills and experience. Make sure your overview, title, name, certifications, employment and education history sections do not have spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, and the words are capitalized where appropriate.


Please read the Getting Started as a Freelancer section of the Hep Center and complete your profile. I also advise watching our educational videos and reading the best practice advice shared by other users:


Building a Freelancer Profile

Freelancer Tutorial Videos

Want to get that first job? Then check this out...

Proposal Workshop Video


To help you work safely on Upwork, please have a look at tips and warning signs shared in this thread



I believe that you are sincere in your desire to work on Upwork.


But it is not clear to me how your profile was approved. What I see now on your profile page really should never have been approved to let you begin bidding on jobs.


You need to understand that your profile needs to be improved considerably before you can begin to succeed on Upwork.


You need to completely delete your profile overview text. You need to spend some time reading the profile overview texts of contractors who are successful in the job skill area you are interested in. Then you need to write a new overview text in your native language. NOT in English. Then you need to hire a professional translator to translate your overview text into English, or you need to find a native English-speaking friend to translate the text for you for free. It is really important that you don't try to do this yourself because this very small bit of text is extremely important and is going to be the basis for how potential clients judge you.


You also need to delete all of the job skills you have in your skills list, except for two. Right now you have 8 skills, and they're not related to each other. That is no way for a newbie to get a job! You need to pick only one skill. You may have two skill items in the top list which are related to that skill. And you need to focus your entire profile page on that skill.


You need to have 5 different portfolio pieces that demonstrate that skill. These portfolio items must not look like you copied them from the Internet somewhere. There must be something about them that makes them all look like they were created by the same person. You will need to create these portfolio items for free, with yourself as the "client." This will take some time to do, but it will be vital in your ability to get hired.


Do not waste your time sending in job proposals until you take time to create portfolio items and significantly improve your profile page.

re: "What's wrong with my profile?"



There are a number of things that are GOOD about your profile.


But there are problems. The BIGGEST problem is that there are no portfolio items.


A beginning contractor who wants to work on Upwork but has no portfolio items is not serious.


You need to create at least 4 high-quality portfolio items that show original texts and your translations of those texts.