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why i am not getting any jobs ?

why i am not getting any jobs on upwrok ? Even i have attached some sample work and images for employees in the cover letters ? if something wrong with the cover letters how can i overcome that any technique or trick or suggetion you people have ? One more thing i have not attached my bank accounts or payooner is this is stopping clients from me ?

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In my opinion, if you want to be professional, then you need to be professional everywhere. Why use a lowercase I in reference to yourself. That might be a turnoff if I were a client, IMHO.

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If you are not willing to make an effort on your profile, why should clients believe you will make an effort on their project?

Freelancing isn't easy money. It's an actual job. Make an effort mate or you won't get anywhere on this platform. 

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Maybe it's because your profile indicates you're in the process of earning your high school degree and college degree at the same time?  Possible? I think not.  


There's absolutely no effort on your part to fill out the profile properly.  "Freelancer" is not a profile title that will generate views.  


Take some time to read up on how to get started on Upwork, do some research, rework your profile and then return with something we can work with.  

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