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why i am not getting any work?

Why am I not getting replies from clients and haven't received more work or invitations yet?

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Hi Milan, this is the problem with UpWork... the bootstrap.


You need to have completed some jobs to receive work/invitations. At the beginning, it takes a lot of time to submit proposal and explain why you could do the job.


To balance the absence of initial rating, you could add some portfolios. 



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I have also added my portfolio but the client doesn't reply to my proposal.  

Hi Milan,

I checked your profile. You joined Upwork in July 2022 and already have completed one project this month. I would say that's very good opening. Try to ask your client for a good feedback as your profile shows one job this month but no feedback.

Hii Jyoti, 


He says to me that I have given you feedback but I know he is lying, and I have another hourly job currently running. I submit the proposal but the client doesn't reply to me. Do I need to take membership?

Hi Milan,

I don't think membership makes any difference, except that you get free connects.

Apply steadily, not too frequently and send samples with every proposal. Your work is really nice and I'm sure you'll soon get replies to your job proposals. 

Being a freelancer needs some patience, but once you get started, your work will flourish.

Best of luck.

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Same is happening with me:(

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