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why would upwork reverse a earning, just make freelancers withdraw their earnings since they earn it

My brother is currently working on a job for a client here on upwork, while doing that he was asked to submit his identity to be verified which has done before and was successful, this time he got blocked for no reason, to make matters worse they suspended him permanently, the client understood this, yet he paid my brother since he was done with part of the job and upwork ending the contract they know nothing about as well, can you believe when he requested to withdraw his earnings, he needed this money urgently to pay for his school fees which has a deadline by friday and upwork is his only option, which he stated clearly to the support he discussed with, who assured him he will get paid even though his account isnt reinstated, he told him to check back 24-48 hours, he was given a ticket as well. Instead of allowing him withdraw the said payments, they reversed the earnings unjustly. He reuploaded his id, they wont verify, if you cant give him back his account, give him his money, its not right. He did nothing wrong. You may be finding a way to reduce people on your platform i dont know but stop being inconsiderate and harsh for no reason, pay him his money so he can settle his school bills, it is a very simple matter. His client wont be online for a while as he is attending to some matters, so pay him his money.

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Tell your brother he shouldn't have done the no no on his account.


Hi Hamidat,


We won't be able to discuss any information about another freelancer's account. Please have your brother refer to the information shared with him by our team. Thank you for your unerstanding. 

~ Joanne
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