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will i get paid from this case ?

im new on upwork
I provide/sell " already monetize youtube account" to the client with "manual hourly time tracker" and everything was done 

i have seen client profile with 0 star and payment verify

will i get paid with this job its worth 2400$ 
**is it possible if client not have amount in credit card and im not getting paid for this job

im very worries 

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Sounds like a scam to me.

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I doubt you will be paid.

1st red flag: you are new on Upwork and understanding how things work before accepting offers is essential to avoid getting scammed

2nd red flag: «manual hourly time tracker» does not exist. It is either «manual» or with «time tracker». If the client told you that hourly contract is protected by Upwork, he did not mention that manual time is not protected, why?

3rd red flag: client's profile.

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