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work diary

Can I start tracking when the client shows offline?

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You don't need to look to see if a client is "offline."


I never look at such a thing.

Earlier I added some manual time around 11 hours for my client, He told me he will not accept manual time so use work diary. I have deleted my manual time from the work diary just want to know how can I manage these hours in a time tracker tool. Also, I am not used to the time tracker it's my first time so please help me out and suggest some ideas to working on time tracker software. Thanks

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Once you are finished discussing the contract with the client, you can start the tracker. Your client will not always monitor the work diary constantly. Remember that Upwork tracker is a monitoring software and you should never do anything not related to the project when the tracker is on. Work diary guarantees your valuable earnings as well as clients' money if any freelancer is unable to complete the job properly. Being honest and responsible is the key here. Another thing is not to misuse the hour limit your client has given.

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