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yet another stats bug

This time - Marketing effectiveness on my stats page, it shows that I've applied to 1 job in the past 90 days - in fact, I think it was around 35 jobs... anyone else having the same issue?
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Hi Sanja, can you upload a screenshot to see that?

well - it looks normal - I just know that the number is not right...see attached

Very strange. I think in next 24 hours your stats will be updated. If not, you can wait some answer from moderators here.



Hi Sanja,


Sorry about that. Please check again after 24 hours as there some delays in updating. If there are no changes after 24 hours, please let us know so we can check this further for you. Thank you!

~ Joanne
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Hi Joanne, thanks much - will check and let you know if anything changes

Even I noticed this. There seems to be a bug. The green bars look 'too' different than what they were a week ago.

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Yesterday it stated that I had applied to either 40 or 50 jobs in the past 90 days - today that number is down to 10 and I seem a lot less "effective" judging by the green bars that all look different as well. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi everyone, 

I have escalated this to the team so that they can look into this further. We will come back here once we have more information. Thank you for your patience. 

~ Avery

Same issue: I see "13 job applications in the past 90 days" and it's impossible (2 days ago it was something like 160+). Hope they fix it soon.

I'm seeing 1 job applied for in 90 days which certainly isn't true.


also since the last job I applied for was an invite it's showing me as 100% success in my hire rate 😄

Hi Antonio,


This is a known issue and our engineers are looking into it. I will go ahead and follow up your concern with our team so that they can get back to you once they have more information. 


Thank you for your patience.

~ Bojan
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Apparently I've only applied to 3 jobs in the last 90 days. I guess all the other jobs I though I'd applied to were just figments of my imagination. (3 might be correct for the number of jobs that I've won.)


On the other hand, my "You were hired" bar has shot up almost to the maximum. I've seen big jumps in those bars before, and put it down to the fact that the category of freelancers I'm being compared with keeps changing. That's probably because there's no category for my work, and clients choose many different categories in their job descriptions.



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Hello UpWorkers!


I found a bug (do I get the money now?) Smiley Happy


Today my stats page  shows that I "applied to 4 jobs in the last 90 days"Screenshot_1.png


"My stats" page is a Liar Smiley Very Happy


Look at my current proposals:Screenshot_2.png

and archived (a year ago):




As you can see I've only applied for two jobs? 


Please fix it, because I don't wanna be suspended due to high number of proposals for jobs on UpWork without many contracts or earnings (this is my biggest fear)



Haris (or you can call me "Attention to details") Robot wink

Old news, been like that since Sunday, well known, being worked on already, will likely be fixed by Christmas

Hi Haris,


This is a known issue and our engineers are looking into it. I'll share your account information with our team so that they can reach out to you directly via support ticket and keep you updated. We appreciate your patience while our team is working on fixing this issue. 


UPDATE: this issue should now be fixed. Please, let us know if you continue experiencing issues.

~ Bojan

Hello Bojan,


It still shows that I "applied to 4 jobs in the last 90 days"... But it's not true... I applied to 2 jobs? 



Thank you!

Hi Haris, 

Looks like you still have your ticket open, and the team is still investigating this issue. You may follow up on the same ticket thread if you wish more information about the issue, and the team handling your case will assist you further. 

~ Avery
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