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Make Your Freelancer Profile More Visible & Appealing

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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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It’s important for your freelancer profile on Upwork to appear in relevant search results so you’re able to match with the right jobs and the right clients—especially when you consider a majority of projects posted on Upwork are invitation-only. If those clients aren’t able to find your freelancer or agency profile because an incomplete portfolio is keeping you out of search results, those could be missed opportunities.

Below are tips to optimize your profile with the relevant keywords, skills, and experience to help you get better visibility for the big projects and high-quality clients you want.

Imagine what a client with your dream project would type into a search bar to find you. Always keep those keywords and phrases in mind as you fill out your profile.

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Optimize your profile with the keywords and skills related to the projects you want.

Clients find your Upwork profile the same way they’d find your landing page or personal website: Through a search engine. With that in mind, zero in on keywords and skills related to the projects you want and services you offer. Staying consistent with the skills you choose to highlight will be important as you fill out or update these parts of your profile.


Your profile title can do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to helping you show up in search results. Be careful not to overload it with keywords, but do be sure to hit the high points—your occupation, your expertise, and any special skills you have.

Tip: While you want clients to know you’re “hardworking,” “reliable,” or “passionate” about what you do, save those for your introduction.

Learn more about Why a Great Title and Overview Can Make a Difference.



Include all of your relevant skills to show clients what services you are offering, ordering them from most to least relevant. Stick to those you have a few samples of shareable work to demonstrate. Also, be careful not to “spam” your profile with redundant skills. If a skill is the same but worded differently, no need to add both—choose one and stick with it.

Tip: Have a specific skill to add but don’t see it on the list? You can help us by adding a skill suggestion.

Aligning portfolio items with each skill can help boost credibility, too.


Write a short, concise, and to-the-point summary—no need to reiterate the skills you’ve already listed in the tags above. Instead, expand on them and explain what is unique about you or your agency, including the types of clients you’ve worked with and the technologies or industries you specialize in.

Tip: Be careful to avoid any typos or spelling errors, which might cause a search engine to miss an important keyword or phrase in your summary. Try a free browser plugin to help catch any glaring errors before posting.


Whether you’re a freelancer or an agency, it’s important to keep your profile up to date with your latest and greatest—both your skills and your recently completed projects. These recent projects also show off your successes and range. Put the big projects that show what you’re capable of front and center, and add credibility to your profile by aligning portfolio pieces with the skills you have listed.

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MobiDev, a mobile and web development agency on Upwork, has a dedicated point person to keep the agency portfolio updated with the latest case studies as soon as a project is completed. They highlight their big, complex projects and use the case study as a way to demonstrate how they handle enterprise clients. This best practice has helped them to continue to win projects with high-profile clients and has improved their visibility.

Tip: Create presentations or case studies that explain your more complex, layered projects in a digestible way.

Take advantage of specialized profiles

If you have different specialties—say you’re a writer, but you’re bilingual so you do translation and writing projects—you can use a specialized profile on Upwork to help your expertise stand out. Specialized portfolios can be created in addition to your general profile, and is tailored to showcase only your relevant portfolio items pertaining to that field and go into more detail about each skill in that area of expertise.

While more categories for specialized profiles are on the way, at this time specialized profiles are available for Mobile Development and Design & Creative.

Remember: Just as you’d optimize the SEO of a website, all of the above should help you create a more cohesive, solid profile that shows up in search results for the types of projects you’re looking to win.