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Your Job Success Score on Upwork

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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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We introduced the Job Success score in March of 2015 as a new, more complete reflection of your client satisfaction. Thus far, Job Success scores have proven successful at helping great freelancers stand out to clients and land more projects, with twice the number of contracts going to the best freelancers in the marketplace than before. But understanding the score has been confusing to some in the community, so I’m here to address the main questions we’ve heard.


What is the Job Success score?

The score reflects your overall history with your clients and is based on more than one factor, as you’ll see below. For example, building long-term relationships with clients, a strength great freelancers possess, is one factor in your Job Success score. However, if you don’t have inputs like long-term relationships, this does not count against you because other factors are taken into account.




The inputs above are used to calculate your score. At a high level, we look at Job Success this way:

(successful contract outcomes – negative contract outcomes) / total outcomes.

It’s important to note that a blanket rule does not apply to negative contract outcomes. We know there are instances when these outcomes are due to factors outside of your control. For example, contracts without activity that are due to a poor client interaction are not counted against your score. A client that repeatedly receives poor feedback from freelancers will be flagged, and their inputs omitted from your score. Missing feedback is only flagged when it represents a significant portion of your contracts.


When is my score calculated?

The Upwork system takes frequent snapshots of your 6, 12 and 24-month history in the marketplace and calculates a score. We choose the best score out of these rolling windows.


Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 9.51.25 PM.png


For repeat projects, this means that Job Success will reflect all work completed in a long-term relationship, even if there is no feedback provided.


Why did my score change?

The snapshots we take are of a rolling window, which means sometimes a contract can slip out of your best calculation, causing your score to change significantly without any recent activity. For example, a contract will no longer be counted in your 6-month window once it is 6-months and one day old.


You can track your score on your My Stats page. Any score at 90% or above is excellent. Freelancers with scores below 75% may find it difficult to win new clients in the marketplace.


What else do I need to know about the Job Success score?


It’s intentionally different from your 5-Star rating

The scores differ because Job Success contains more than just public feedback. It also includes private feedback, long-term contracts, and repeat contracts. The collection of these inputs helps freelancers to better differentiate themselves on Upwork.


“Difficult clients” don’t count against you

If you’ve worked with a client that has shown a pattern of unreasonable behavior, we won’t factor that contract into your score. We carefully consider client activity on Upwork and if one of your clients has a track record of poor experiences with freelancers, we’ll take action to exclude your contracts with that client from your Job Success score and possibly close the client’s account.


Contracts without activity can lower your score

Sometimes contracts start, but due to the client or freelancer, no activity takes place. After a reasonable period of time, these contracts impact your score. Ending these contracts quickly or requesting the client close the contract as soon as possible can prevent this situation.


A pattern of contracts that end without feedback can reduce your score

When it happens occasionally, your score is not impacted by contracts ending without feedback. But when this occurs in excess for a freelancer, it is flagged and counted against your score. Requesting that the client close the contract and leave feedback can prevent this situation. Contracts paused due to poor client behavior are not considered in your score.


I hope this answers the majority of your questions about the Job Success score. It’s been great hearing about how the Job Success score has helped freelancers better promote their businesses and stand out in the Upwork marketplace. You can learn about how to improve your score here and my team will follow this forum thread to answer any follow-up questions you might have.