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Global Updates
As a community with such a large global footprint, it is important that Upwork provides relevant information and resources to support the needs of our customers. In some parts of the world, natural disasters or other events can significantly impact the lives and businesses of this community. Here are a few links to updates and resources that may be of help:

We are devastated by the recent deadly earthquake and aftershocks in Turkey. First and foremost, we are concerned about the well-being of this connected community. We hope you and your loved ones are safe if you are in the region. Upwork is committed to supporting our community, and we are here to be a resource in the event your work may be disrupted.


Currently, we are reaching out to all parties with active contracts located in impacted regions to check in on their well-being and offer our assistance. Our team is working around the clock to help our customers navigate, and we will continue to share more as this evolves. 


We encourage you to read through our check-in process during a humanitarian crisis.


We are updating this page with new details and changes. Please check back frequently.


I am worried about someone I work with in Turkey. What can I do?

Upwork is carefully monitoring the situation, and the safety and well-being of our community is our top priority. For those impacted by these events, we’ve taken steps to contact them to offer assistance related to their contracts and address any questions. 


We encourage you to connect with your clients or freelancers using the message center. This is a difficult time for many, and while communication may be limited, we believe they would appreciate hearing from you.


What is Upwork doing to support our community during the crisis?

The Upwork team is heartbroken over this recent tragedy; supporting our team and community during such a devastating crisis is paramount. 


For our customers, we are committed to keeping you informed with the latest details as this situation evolves. We are here to provide dedicated support channels to offer guidance and creative solutions to unique circumstances and improve access to resources with shorter response times and quicker handling.


We are genuinely vested in the well-being and safety of this connected community of clients and freelancers. If you are working with a client or freelancer impacted by these events and need guidance on how best to support them, please contact us at support.upwork.com.


I've been impacted by the earthquake in Turkey. Can I get a reduction in service fees, or can they be waived?

We are truly sorry about how this devastating disaster has impacted you. Our thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.


We are focused on helping ensure that the situation for those affected is not worsened by any negative impacts to their contracts. While there are no current plans to adjust Upwork service fees, please know that we’re here to help should you require additional assistance regarding your account. Please do not hesitate to reach out. 


I have a contract with a freelancer in Turkey. Should I cancel the contract?

We encourage you to reach out to your freelancer to check in, connect, and ask how they would like to proceed. We’re sure they would appreciate hearing from you, but please be patient in awaiting a response!


Should I stop interviewing or sending offers to freelancers in Turkey?

There's no reason to stop interviewing or working with talent in the region if they are available. In fact, it's a great way to support them during this challenging time! But please be mindful that many may be focused on getting back on their feet and may not be available or may be delayed in responding. 


What is Upwork doing to support customers impacted by the earthquake?

First and most importantly, we hope you and all of our customers in the region are safe. Our hearts go out to everyone affected. Upwork is committed to supporting those impacted by the devastation of the earthquake and aftershocks in Turkey and has been carefully monitoring the situation.


Upwork is offering account assistance to freelancers who need help communicating with their clients. We are committed to helping our talent and clients minimize potential disruptions during this time and are here to be a resource in the event their work is disrupted by this disaster. We will keep the community updated as we learn more about this evolving crisis. Please continue to visit this page for additional updates.


If you are interested in offering support, consider reaching out to a trusted local organization within the region. A few examples of international organizations supporting the area are:


These are just a few options and are not specific recommendations. Please do your own analysis to determine the best organization to support as they support the local region. 


Additional Resources 

Below, you'll find links to Upwork Help Center resources that should help you navigate questions related to your specific situations.


Impacted Freelancers

If you are a freelancer and have questions on how these recent events may impact your account and/or contracts, please see the frequently asked questions and related help articles below.


We recognize that international events can impact the work you do. When we see a humanitarian crisis affecting our customers, we may reach out to check-in.
Check-in Process


I'm expecting an extended absence from my work on Upwork

Planning for an Extended or Unexpected Absence


I have been unable to reach my client

Unresponsive Clients


I would like to change my profile to private or public

Set Your Profile Visibility


I would like to give a refund to my client

Give a Refund


Impacted Clients

If you are a client and have questions on how these recent events may impact your account and/or contracts, please see the frequently asked questions and related Help Articles below.


I'm expecting an extended absence from Upwork

Planning for an Extended or Unexpected Absence


My freelancer is unable to communicate with me

Unresponsive Freelancers


I would like to request a refund from my freelancer

Request a Refund


Helpful Links

Connect with fellow Upwork members in Turkey

If none of these scenarios fit your specific needs or if you would like to connect to Customer Support, please click here.