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Community Group FAQs

What are Community Groups?

Upwork is committed to creating spaces for unique and like-minded individuals to connect. In an effort to further foster community and connection, we have launched Community Groups—hubs that span a myriad of topics bucketed under three main groups: Industry, Location and Interest. Upwork supports and highly encourages individuals within their respective group(s) to engage in group discussion and activity.

How are Community Groups used?


The Upwork Community Groups are a place for interesting, thoughtful, and helpful conversation. With active participation, the Community can be a great way to make friends, share information, and gain a more engaging experience on Upwork.


How can I join a Community Group?


There are two main types of Community Groups, public and private.

All community users can join a public group by selecting the “Join group” button on the Group Page or via the invite they received.

A private group can be joined by invitation received in an email, a private message or by sending a request to join (selecting the “Send request to join” button) on the Group Page. While the group icons are visible to all members, its content can be accessed by group members only.

What are the Community Group Guidelines?

As always, our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, including our User Agreement, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy, apply to all interactions in this and any other Upwork Community Group, and your access is contingent on your compliance with these guidelines and terms. You are also responsible for complying with your agreements with your clients on Upwork, so please do not share any confidential or proprietary information. As with any new endeavor, please bear in mind that we are in the beta phase. Improvements, continuing education, and other necessary milestones will be implemented to improve the Groups experience. We appreciate your patience as you experience this journey with us!


What happens when I join a group?


When you join a group you’re automatically subscribed to the group and you will be notified for every new topic that is started.


To unsubscribe from the group:


  1. Click the three dots on the right 
  2. Click Unsubscribe

To subscribe/unsubscribe from a post/thread/forum/group:

To subscribe a post/thread/forum/group:

  1. Go to the item you want to subscribe to.
  2. Select Options (three-dot icon) > “Subscribe”.

To unsubscribe from a post/thread/forum/group:


  1. Select your account menu (click the photo/name in the upper-right corner) > go to My Subscriptions
  2. Check the item you've subscribed to > select Options (three-dot icon) > “Delete Selected Subscriptions”.
  3. Alternatively, open the item you’ve subscribed to > select Options (three-dot icon) > “Unsubscribe”.


Why is my request to join being rejected?

Some closed groups are feature, topic, or user-specific. Users that do not meet the necessary criteria might have their request to join denied.

How can I volunteer to lead a Community group?

If you're interested in leading a Community group, please complete the Group Guide Learning Path and follow the outlined steps. Note that all new groups are by default hidden pending internal review and can be accessed by others only via an email invite the group guide controls. Please refer to the group creation guidelines outlined in the Learning Path to learn more about the type of groups that are supported as part of the Community Groups program.


What about the group I already requested via the form?

Thank you for submitting your group request, we do appreciate your time and suggestion. We've sunsetted the request form and will be launching a select number of requested groups in the near future. We’ll connect with users who submitted the selected requests as their group goes live. Stay tuned!


What happened to my city group, I can no longer find it?

To make it easier for group members to participate and engage in relevant discussions, we’ve promoted city groups to country groups and have merged some other location-based groups or renamed them to the respective country groups. We’ve announced this move before the change in June of 2023, inviting group guides and members, and moving certain conversations to the new destination groups.

Why is Upwork making changes to the Groups program?

Our goal is to streamline certain areas of the Community Groups experience in order to elevate the Group dynamics, celebrate our group guides and take networking to another level.