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4 Features Clients Are Glad They Have

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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Two common challenges in working with remote talent are collaborating with someone you’ve never met (and who may work in a different time zone) and paying only for the work you approve. But learning how to work with remote talent is a necessary skill for nearly all managers who want their teams to succeed.

The Future of Workforce Report shows 63% of managers have someone on their team who works remotely—and the percentage is predicted to rise. That’s why Upwork isn’t just a platform for companies and freelancers to connect. We also provide technology and services that clients may utilize designed to make working with remote talent easier, so that projects complete more successfully. Here are four such tools.

Upwork Messages: real-time collaboration tool for members

Upwork Messages is a chat function that enables companies and talent to communicate directly via the message center, voice, and video. You can save and organize discussion strings by project or person, plus share and sync files. If you send a message to people who aren’t online, they’ll receive an email notification and see your message the next time they log on.

See how Upwork Messages works:

Upwork’s Work Diary: manage and verify invoices with just a couple of clicks

The Work Diary is a function within the Upwork Desktop App that makes it easier to manage contracts and invoices. The Work Diary includes an optional time-tracking feature that records, then automatically invoices for, time worked on hourly contracts. The automation enables freelancers to spend their time on client projects rather than manually tracking hours and writing detailed invoices.

The tool also enables clients to quickly verify they’re paying only for hours properly billed for their project. Most important, the feature underpins Upwork’s Payment Protection as proof of activity should a freelancer, or their client, need it to ensure proper payment.

See how the Work Diary works:

Upwork’s Payment Protection: helps ensure accurate invoices and prompt payments

When working with someone for the first time, those involved in a project might be apprehensive. The client might wonder: Will the work quality be good? The freelancer might wonder: Will I get paid?

Upwork is the only freelancing website that offers Payment Protection. The program applies built-in tools and processes to help ensure freelancers are paid for their work and their clients pay only for authorized work done. When you start a project through Upwork, it may qualify for the hourly or the fixed-price protection program. Here’s how they work:

Hourly Protection
Clients pay only for hours worked, and freelancers receive pay only for time spent on approved work.

  • Freelancers and their clients can opt in to use the tool before the project begins.
  • The time tracker activates once the freelancer turns it on.
  • About once every 10 minutes, a snapshot of the computer screen is captured and uploaded into the Work Diary along with corresponding mouse clicks and keystroke activity.
  • The Work Diary is submitted for invoicing weekly.
  • Before paying the invoice, their client can review the screenshots to ensure the hours invoiced are hours worked on the project.
  • If it’s determined that work is wrongly charged, their client will not be responsible for the payment.

How Hourly Payment Protection works:


Fixed-Price Payment Protection

When entering a fixed-price project through Upwork, protection begins when clients use the escrow service and set project milestones.

  • Before work begins, the freelancer and their client agree on milestones.
  • To start the first milestone, the client funds that portion of the payment in escrow.
  • The freelancer delivers the work, then it’s reviewed and approved by the client.
  • Once work is approved, the money in escrow is released to the freelancer.
  • If the freelancer did not meet the milestone agreements, their client is not responsible for the payment.

How Fixed-Price Payment Protection works:

Upwork’s vision is to connect businesses with skilled professionals so that people can work without limits. We diligently listen to our clients and freelancers to provide tools and services that make it easier for companies of all sizes to get more amazing work done.