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Grow Your Team of Freelancers! Learn How From the Team at Instapage [Video]

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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Freelancers and hybrid teams of on- and off-site talent are quickly becoming the norm for businesses that need to ramp up their talent pool quickly and affordably. Freelance talent can help companies scale up when and how they need, whether it’s to add skills that aren’t in-house, to take projects on for departments with too much on their plates, or to create small product-focused teams to tackle special projects while the rest of the business hums along.


But how does working with larger teams of freelancers work? How can businesses ensure that any time and efficiency gained from freelancers won’t be eclipsed by the added time spent coordinating and communicating with this talent?


How One SaaS CEO Created a Team of Freelancers


For companies like Instapage, hiring remote talent has been a game changer. CEO Tyson Quick has worked with Upwork to successfully create a talent pipeline of contingent workers, and he has some advice for companies considering doing the same.


First, he recommends hiring freelancers in the same geolocation as one another when possible. In some cases, companies will even capitalize on talent pools around the globe, creating remote teams in different markets where certain skills or technology trends thrive. And while not crucial for every team, having freelancers share a physical location has made it more seamless for Instapage to work remotely with their customer support and customer success teams in Romania.


Next, Tyson emphasizes the importance of being organized before engaging a large team of freelancers. “The more organized we are, the easier it is to have structure to work with larger teams,” which can mean businesses have some legwork to do upfront, like establishing a framework for engaging freelancers, getting the right collaboration tools in place, and automating any time-consuming HR processes.


Watch the video to hear Tyson’s tips, then be sure to check out these other helpful things to do before hiring contingent workers.