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Jobpost Checklist

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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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The challenge for most entrepreneurs isn’t coming up with great ideas. It’s finding the time—or the skills—to execute them. Many businesses are turning to freelancers, a talent pool that’s growing at a time when 40 percent of global employers say they can’t find the people they need.

But how do you take your idea and turn it into a write-up that can captivate the right person for your project? Good freelancers are in high demand, and your project will be competing with thousands of others for attention.


First, be prepared and research how to identify and hire the best candidates: Learn about the skills and experience needed to do the work, how to set realistic expectations, and what an appropriate budget looks like.


Then put together an awesome job post. The key point to remember is that talent is attracted to talent: If you want to work with the best, it needs to be clear that you’re as committed to success as they are. A quick review of your project description will grab—or sink—that first impression.

Here’s what you can do to help get it right and create your job post on Upwork today >>


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Pro tip: Include a specific question for freelancers to respond to. You can quickly ID those who read your full description, which will help with your first screening.


Freelancers can be as critical when looking at potential clients as you may be when screening their proposals. Double-check your project description to help avoid these common mistakes.

  • Typos or other errors. (Proofreading really matters!)
  • Experience level and requirements that are misaligned.
  • A broad project title that doesn’t lend itself to keyword searches.
  • A short or vague project description that doesn’t specify deliverables.
  • Forgetting to include skills, timeline, or project goals.
  • Confusing instructions to submit a proposal.

Project descriptions that aren’t clear, look rushed, or miss important details are a red flag for freelancers. A thoughtful approach that hits all the right points will help get your project on their radar, and bring in the caliber of proposals you’re looking for.