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What do I get with Upwork Plus

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With Upwork Plus, you’ll get dedicated support and access to advanced features and tools to help you attract and collaborate with top freelancers easier. That makes Upwork Plus ideal for small to medium businesses who want to stand out to quality talent and start hiring fast.

Upwork Plus is $49.99* a month—to learn more about pricing and any other fees, check out How Much Does it Cost to Use Upwork?

*You’ll pay the standard 3% processing fee on the total cost you pay your freelancers. Note: If you qualify and pay with bank transfers, you will only pay $49.99/month with no additional processing fees.

Upwork Plus Benefits at a Glance




With Upwork Plus, you get dedicated support to help you with your job post and your talent sourcing. This includes both an account manager and the option to work with a Talent Specialist on any project. Here’s how they can help.

Account Managers… are here to help you maximize the way you use Upwork and freelance talent. They will help you plan what talent you need and why, then help grow your talent pool in a matter of days. When time is of the essence, account managers remove roadblocks and find you the talent you need, quick.

Talent Specialists… are here to help you find the best talent for you once you’ve posted your job. In addition to answering any project-related questions you have, Talent Specialists can review your job posts to make sure they’re the best they can be, then help identify the top 3-5 proposals that are the best matches for your project. If you don’t receive qualified proposals, they’ll invite freelancers to submit proposals to keep things moving.


What Other Features Does Upwork Plus Offer?

Upwork Plus offers an array of features that make it easier to keep track of all of the projects your organization has going on.

Get a clear picture with advanced reporting tools for the whole team Reporting tools and aggregated company reports give your account administrator—and your whole team—visibility into spend and the progress of projects.
Collaboration tools It’s easy for your organization to collectively work with freelancers across different departments when you can structure talent into groups. These give each department lead their own area to post and work on projects within that specific team.
Activity codes Keep track of multiple projects that contribute to a larger initiative
Multiple billing methods Keep projects and invoices organized and add unique payment methods for better accounting

You’ll also get

  • 15 freelancer invites per job post

  • A monthly Featured Jobs upgrade. Upwork Plus also gives your company account one free Featured Job (normally a $29.99 value) each month.

  • A $49.99/month flat fee without additional processing fees, if you qualify. If you meet eligibility criteria and use “ACH” (in the U.S.), you will only pay $49.99/month with no additional processing fees.


How can your organization benefit from signing up for Upwork Plus?

If you need freelance talent to collaborate with different teams…

You’ll want the extra organization that Upwork Plus’ tools can provide. With multiple projects going on, you can assign project codes, separate out billing, and group communication and collaboration in “team” structures. It’s turnkey for hiring managers and project owners who need a bit more administrative support.

If your project is highly technical and you need a bench of qualified talent…

Getting a leg up with Upwork Plus can be a major time-saver. An Account Manager can assess your various needs and help you quickly assemble a pool of talent with the skills you need. For those in-demand skills like mobile development, being able to highlight the aspects of your project that are most likely to attract in-demand talent can help ensure you’ve got a top-notch team.

When you need delivery on a tight turnaround…

Getting a leg up with Upwork Plus can be a major time-saver. Talent Specialists can help make things happen quicker—and the Featured Job upgrade can help your job post stand even more. This can increase the likelihood top talent sees your project fast and can accelerate the proposal and interview process.