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What is Upwork Business

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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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For businesses using flexible talent across multiple projects and departments, Upwork Business offers dedicated support to help you find top quality talent fast. Looking to scale your use of flexible talent? Upwork Business gets you up and running quickly, and helps streamline the process with consolidated invoicing and billing so your organization can make a single monthly payment rather than numerous by-project payments.

For $499.99* a month, it’s ideal for businesses looking for advanced support that’s more affordable than traditional staffing providers. Upwork Business is a solution that’s designed to scale with your business, and help is just a phone call away.

*You’ll pay a 10% service fee on all payments to freelancers. This fee is in lieu of the payment processing and administration fee.


What Kind of Dedicated Support Do I Get?

With Upwork Business, you get support to help you engage talent successfully and quickly. This includes a Dedicated Account Manager to give you strategic guidance on how to best use Upwork, and a Program Success Manager to help you outline your goals, craft effective job posts, and source premium freelancer talent for your company.

In addition to that, you’ll also get prioritized, 24/7 phone or chat customer support so you never have to wait for an answer. Upwork Business client and Head of Growth at Lady M Confections, Kaiya Chu, says that support helps companies get up and running—and hiring—even faster. “It took about a week to get started, then Upwork trains new users quickly so they can start hiring right away.”

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Upwork Business is a flexible solution that can be tailored to your organization’s needs. You’ll get:

Consolidated billing and invoicing with net 30 payment terms Make a single monthly payment instead of by-project payments
Advanced talent sourcing and shortlisting Fast access to the top talent you’re looking for with a handpicked shortlist of qualified candidates
Talent cloud with “BYO” freelancer functionality Consolidate how you engage existing contracts by bringing them to Upwork
Company reporting tools Insight into how your business is using freelancers and agencies
Tools to help your organization collaborate on hiring and project tracking Company-wide access to projects and team structures that make it easier to incorporate freelancers and agencies into your overall talent strategy

You’ll also get unlimited freelancer invites on job posts, allowing you to reach top talent in less time



When would a business benefit from signing up for Upwork Business? Here are a few examples of how its tools and added benefits can help teams hire faster.

A company that’s scaling freelancer use and wants more talent acquisition and admin support to help save time.

For organizations serious about expanding their use of freelancers and making freelancers a more integrated part of their talent strategy, the best way to avoid growing pains is with speedy sourcing and dedicated support. Upwork Business lets you do everything from one place: one solution to find, work with, pay and integrate the use of freelancers into your talent strategies.

An organization that needs to give their HR and Accounting teams more visibility into their freelance engagements.

Companies with specific policies around credit card expenses can benefit from the consolidated invoicing offered by Upwork Business. Organizations with human resources teams that need more visibility than they’re able to get with traditional ‘freelance’ engagements will know exactly who’s using the platform, for what, and for how much.

How do I get started with Upwork Business?

Get in touch with us via this form or call 866.931.8863 to learn if Upwork Business is the right solution for your company. An Upwork Business rep will contact you to discuss how the plan’s features can work for your organization.