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Host a Talent Huddle
A Talent Huddle is an opportunity to meet up with talent from your industry or geographic region to network, share stories and have fun together. We encourage Talent Huddles to:

  • Make new connections
  • Share stories about the freelancing lifestyle
  • Socialize and network
  • Meet with your tribe virtually or in person

Sometimes, working remotely can be difficult, and you may miss having others around to socialize and network with. We've created Talent Huddles to help you make connections.

Huddles are planned and hosted by experienced freelancers in their own communities and groups. Since launching the first Huddle in 2016 with a freelancer on Upwork, thousands have attended.
Hannah W., Kenya
"I heard stories of persistence, resilience, and great talent. There was idea sharing and peer to peer encouragement, and lots of enthusiasm. I am really looking forward to interacting more with Kenyan freelancers at our next virtual Talent Huddle."
Lean A. L., Philippines
"Awesome experience! Talent Huddles help our community to understand there is a huge potential to grow on Upwork and learn real-life experiences from local freelancers. We share a lot of things and really enjoy these events. I look forward to hosting more Huddles in the future!"
Kate K., Turkey
"I am extremely happy to be a part of this incredible community. The community members enjoy attending the events, and we usually discuss various topics ranging from how to run a business on Upwork to our freelance lifestyles."
Frequently Asked Questions
If I am selected as a host, how do you promote my Talent Huddle?

We will work with each host to determine the target audience for their event and will invite talent based on different criteria, such as geographic region and industry. Since Talent Huddles are invit

How many people usually attend a Talent Huddle?

Talent Huddles usually have between 5 and 15 participants. We will work with each host to determine the maximum number of tickets for their event.

Does it cost anything to attend a Talent Huddle?

It is free to attend a Talent Huddle. However, for in-person events, attendees might have expenses for travel, food and beverages at the venue.

How can I apply to host a Talent Huddle?

We’re always looking for outstanding talent who are eager to connect with other freelancers and host events!
If you are interested in hosting a Talent Huddle, let us know by filling out this form.

What support or perks do hosts get?

Remember, Talent Huddles are independently and voluntarily hosted freelancer events. Event hosts are motivated by their interest in meeting other freelancers to socialize and expand their network. Th