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Inspiration Podcast #1 - Hiring Practices with Adam and Samer

Community Manager

Welcome to the first episode of the Community Inspiration Podcast, in which we'll be unveiling the secrets of some of the most common hiring practices shared by none other than our two very experienced and high-value clients! 

Join us as Adam Palmer and Samer Bazzi reveal their hiring strategies and share secrets for building a successful freelancing business on Upwork. 

Adam has been using Upwork for 11+ years as a client and 8+ years as a freelancer, spending $1M+ and earning $3M+ in the process. He's the author of the book “Upwork Saved My Life” and creator of the FreelancerKing guide and brand, geared towards helping freelancers start and upscale their business. Adam's also a dedicated Group Guide for Marketing and the United States groups, an exclusive Community Panel member, the creator of the "Starting an Agency" Academy Learning Path and a respected Community super user.

Samer is a person whose day lasts 30 hours. His prolific and very high-profile community posts and responses, as well as help Samer’s offering via LinkedIn are an example of kindness and community spirit. An Upwork expert of 13+ years, to date Samer earned $4M+ and spent $3M+ hiring on Upwork. Samer is a Group Guide for the Michigan group , Community Panelist and part of basically all Community and wider Upwork initiatives.

Now going into the superhero or superhuman part of the story. Samer made it a personal mission to fight kidney disease and help support those in need. Samer’s "If Sam Can Do It" initiative and Moon Shot Cures non-profit is funding clinical trials to further scientific research preventing kidney disease, setting for himself the ultimate goal of solving kidney disease. He's also creating a platform for helping people affected by kidney problems have more economic opportunities.

Both Adam and Samer stumbled into freelancing for different reasons and never looked back. Both of them credit Upwork for saving their lives and have since become a credit to Upwork in so many ways.

If you have any questions for Adam and Samer or would like to have other thoughtful and analytical Group Guides featured on the Community Inspiration Podcast, do let us know by responding on this thread and upvoting the post.