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Agency Payment Methods Incorrectly Showing Inactive

We're aware of an issue impacting Agency payment methods and are working to resolve this quickly. We will provide an update here as soon as more information is available.

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Experiencing issue with the agency account it's showing all withdrawn payment methods inactive. Anyone else also having same?

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Hello Upwork Community and Upwork Support,

I have been using Direct to Local method for withdrawing agency payments. Now it's been a month since I tried to update the swift code for "Meezan Bank" from "MEZNPKKA" to MEZNPKKALHR" and it just couldn't process the payment successfully and I keep getting the error "Unable to Process". Secondly, when I switched to wire transfer the deduction fee is $30 against each transaction and it's also showing as inactive means I am not able to withdraw my payments and it's getting frustrating as we have to pay to the team and manage expenses. 

Attached are the screenshots of payment withdrawal errors which have been working 100% perfectly for the last two years and even after I revert back to the swift code the payment failed.

Looking forward to a positive response.

Previous references: 

1) Request #38564654

Upon checking the REF ID 547000106, and here are the returned of these transaction withdrawals.  Unable to apply - Payees account is no longer active. 

2) Request #39619327

Ahmad Sameer
Al Akhzir Tech (Pvt) Ltd.

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Yes, I am getting the same error when I am trying to withdraw payment from my Agency profile. It saying that there is "No Active Payment method" and all payment methods are having Inactive state.

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Status changed to: Resolved
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Dear Upwork support team

Please tell me what is happening to my account. I have sent messages and I was only directed to links that do not have solutions to the problem.
Why is my financial account suspended? My Bank account is on the UPWORK Website, it has my name and address on it, it can be verified easily.
I did the project the client asked from me and there were no complaints from them, you can verify that. 
I am just trying to get jobs to do but I keep getting frustrated, what is going on?
First my account gets suspended and all my legitimate documents to proof that i am in a different location where rejected (After i have gotten i first project on you platform)
Then after i am done with the project, i am not allowed to withdraw (Financial account suspension).
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Screen Shot 2023-04-26 at 1.49.57 AM.jpgSeems I cant withdraw my payment, WHY?

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How do I "activate"?  Please.