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Agency Top Rated and Rising Talent badges issue

Some users may experience issues with Agency Top Rated or Rising Talent badges. 


Our engineers are aware of this issue and they are working as fast as possible to resolve it. 


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Hi All,


This issue is resolved and we will be closing this thread from further comments. However, if you still experience the issue mentioned on this thread please let us know by posting in Community Support section and we will be happy to assist you accordingly.

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It is already 3 mounts we can't get the Agency Top Rated badge from the date we met all criteria.

We met all criteria at the beginning of December which was confirmed by support but they told me it is some issue and Technical Support Team needs to fix it.

So it is already 3 months fixing without any results for us.

Could you tell me when will it be fixed? Without words we are working on it, it is a complex issue. Just a real deadline.

I believe that 3 months is enough to fix any kind of this issue. Isn`t it?


Hi Oleksandr,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I shared your report with the team handling your case and one of our agents will follow up with you on your support ticket as soon as possible to assist you further.


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Hi Nikola, Thank you for your response, but unfortunately I received once again the same answer - we are working, working, working, working, but we can't tell you when we will finish. So nothing new after 3 mounts of working on that issue.

I am interested, are there other agencies that faced a similar issue - they met all criteria but can't get the Agency Top Rated badge?

Please, anyone, could you share your experience if it was similar?

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I am now having the same issue. I had my badge last year, so why is it missing from my profile now???

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Same story here! Should be top-rated plus by now. Been working with Support for 20 days now without any movement. No explanation for delays, just "we're working on it".



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We are very sorry, we'll in to it shortly, thanks.
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I am writing today to seek your assistance regarding an issue my agency has been facing on Upwork. Despite meeting all the eligibility criteria for the Top Rated badge, we have not been awarded the badge yet.

My agency has completed 7 jobs on Upwork, with 3 projects currently in progress. We have received 6 five-star reviews and not a single negative review. Our earnings on Upwork as of today stand at 36,000 USD. We have already fulfilled all the necessary criteria to be considered a top-rated agency.

I have already created a support ticket (Request #37632021) and followed up multiple times, but unfortunately, the issue remains unresolved. I have been informed that the technical team is working on it, but it has been 5 months now, and we still have not received a solution.

What should we do in such a case?

Zeeshan Sikander


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Hi everyone,

I see that it is a common issue and UpWork does not hurry to solve it.

It seems, that unfortunately, they are interested only to take a service fee but not to comply with the rules created themselves.

In my case, it is almost half of the year since we met all requirements for Top Rated and we are close to finishing the Top Rated Plus criteria but still haven`t received the top-rated agency.

It is a very pity that they have such an unprofessional approach, if I know it before I would definitely think twice to start working with Upwork.



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What is the priority in solving this bug? This bug exists for more than 6 months now


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hello good day, my question would be regarding the emerging talent badge and why you don't get it, although other freelancers with lower points already get it?