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Boost your proposal is not available

Hi all,
We apologize for the interruption with Boosting Proposals. The technical team is aware of the issue and working on fixing this as soon as possible.


We'll update this post once we have more information.



Edited to update information. 


We would like to let you know that this issue should now be resolved. Please try again and let us know if the issue persists. 


Thank you. 

Community Member

I'm reaching out to gather your thoughts and insights on this matter. How do you perceive the removal of the Boosting System? Do you think it will level the playing field for all freelancers, or are there concerns about project discoverability? Have you noticed any immediate effects since its removal? Or is it a Glitch? 

Looking forward to your thoughts!


Community Member

Yes, I think it is removed and good for deserving freelancers.

Community Member

I didn't know they had removed it. I think it's a good move, honestly. It was getting out of hand with people paying 80+ connects to boost their proposals. 

Community Member

It would be great if they remove the boosting proposal functionality because I've seen people boosted for the projects more than 1000 connect and ofcourse! not everyone can afford this if they remove this functionality it will be good for all good freelancer then we will win contracts by our skills not from connects.

Community Member

I think it's a good move,

Community Member

Seems like its a glitch, an Upwork Community Rep is asking others which Job Posting are missing the Boost Function, so apparently this is not supposed to be happening.

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Yes, that is my understanding as well.

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Hi i'm aliyan i'm new in upwork

Status changed to: Resolved