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Cannot accept job offer: An error has occurred. Please try again later

Some freelancers may be experiencing issues with accepting job offers from clients. The error displayed when trying to accept an offer is "An error has occurred. Please try again later." 

We apologize for the interruption. The technical team is investigating the issue. Please visit our Status page for the latest status. 


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Hi All,


This issue is resolved and we will be closing this thread from further comments. However, if you still experience the issue mentioned on this thread please let us know by posting in Community Support section and we will be happy to assist you accordingly.


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Hi I've received my first order on Upwork but I'm unable to accept it. As I clicked on accept offer an error occurred saying "you cannot join this team until the client adds a complete address" . When I tell this to my client she says she added complete address but it's still not working. How can I fix this error now?

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Tell your client there are 2 sections where the address needs to be filled. In the Contact Info section and in the Tax Information section.

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Hi! I'm also having the same issue. I can't accept the invitation to join the team. when I click on the invite via email. It's just routing me to my Upwork feed. 


Hi Hafsah,


Thank you for your message. As advised by Sophie, please request your client to update their address on both sections. They can also contact us direct if they need any assistance.


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After I press the Accept Offer button, I get the error "An error has occurred. Please try again later". Changing two browsers, clearing cache and cookies didn't help, same problem from a mobile device

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If you are having difficulty joining the team for your first order on Upwork due to a "complete address" error, then it is possible that either the client or Upwork's system has not registered this information correctly. You should reach out to the Upwork Support team for assistance in resolving this issue. They will be able to investigate and provide troubleshooting advice in order to help get your issue resolved. The "Get Support" button is on the bottom right of the screen. Thanks!

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Hello I am unable to accept an offer from my client and get the message: "An error has occurred. Please try again later."


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Hello, please someone can help me with this error, when trying to accept offer.


Deleted cache,and try different browser already, Same problem .


An error occurred. Please try again. 

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I am facing the same issue. Please help!

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Status changed to: Known Issue