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Cover Letters Missing when Submitting Proposals

Our engineering team is aware of the issues with some cover letters missing after proposals are submitted. They're working urgently to address the issue. 

Thanks for your patience!


Edited to add:


Hi All,


This issue is resolved and we will be closing this thread from further comments. However, if you still experience the issue mentioned on this thread please let us know by posting in Community Support section and we will be happy to assist you accordingly.


Thank you,

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I just applied to two jobs with a cover letter and attached samples, but unfortunately, my cover letter is not visible when I am opening the proposal submitted.


Is it some glitch on UPWORK? otherwise, I want my connects back....they are not free to misuse like this.

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I'm experiencing the same problem with my Cover Letter too. I just submitted a porposal with attached sample. Now my cover letter is not visible, i can only view the attached sample file. 

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I experieced this issue today. I submitted a proposal for 6 connects. Filled out all the necessary fields including the cover letter and questions. Once you hit submit and check the proposal sent - the cover letter is "blank"

I tried to withdraw and re-submit and still the issue persists. 

Does anyone know if the cover letter appears on the client's end?

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I used google docs link so attachment and cover both are not visible


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Hello! I had the exact same problem today! I made a proposal and wrote an extensive cover letter, for 8 connects(!)
I submitted the proposal, but the cover letter just went blank!! I re-submitted for another 8 conects and made sure I have done everything properly and, after submission, the same thing happened again! The proposal was sent, but with a blank cover letter.
That is a really bad issue.

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I didn't re-submit it. Instead, I posted here to see if it is only me or others too.
I hope it is resolved quickly.

Either I get connects back, or my cover letter becomes visible. Not sure if it is visible to the client.

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This happened to me for the first time. When I submit poroposal with cover letter. After that I seen my cover letter is blank

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Screenshot from 2023-03-15 19-47-09.png

 Hello everyone, can anyone tell me why I can't see my cover letter? because if the client on the other hand can't see it as well then I have just wasted my 6 connects which are like diamonds for new freelancers. So either let me know if that is a bug and client can see or the way to get my connects back

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Status changed to: Known Issue
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I submitted a couple of proposals today. When I wanted to check what they look like I noticed that they are blank. Only attachments are there. Did the clients receive my proposals, or they also see a blank cover letter?