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February 15 Direct to Local Bank withdrawals not yet processed

We are aware that some freelancers may be experiencing delays with receiving their Direct to Local Bank withdrawals. The team is aware of this and is currently looking into it. In the meantime, you may check this article for more information on the Direct to Local Bank timing and fees. 

Once we have more information, we'll provide an update here. 

Community Member

Hi All,


I withdrew funds to my local bank account this morning, but until now it hasn't reflected yet.

I've gotten the confirmation email, but not the second email (the one they send when the funds are available).

Anybody else having this issue today?

Community Member

I thought I was the only one who experienced this problem yesterday. I don't know if it's UB's system or Upwork — regardless, it's still not reflecting in my account as of this moment. 🥺

Community Member

Same here. No 2nd email yet no funds available. LFT to UB.

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Hi, I always receive my payment via direct local bank in just an hour or two, in the past 4 years. But for some reason, my payment yesterday was delayed for 2 days. Has it not been processed? Thank you.

Community Member

Same here 😞

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Resolved
We've received an update from the team that the withdrawals have been successfully processed.

As a gentle reminder, Direct to Local Bank payments takes up to 
four business days to arrive at your bank. For more information, please visit this article.
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Hi Maam, I also received a Payment Confirmation Email but I have not received an email regarding the status wether it's being processed or not. Thanks

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Hello @Avery O, I am new to Upwork and currently, I have 3 jobs. I am so excited to receive my 1st salary because this is my 1st time working as a freelancer. I have set up my payment method to a local bank, which is my BPI DOLLAR ACCOUNT. I withdraw my earnings last March 1 whose transaction is all visible on Upwork. I am aware that the processing to a local bank would take up to 4 days so I don't have a problem with that. However, when I checked my account today (March 3) on the payment method page, I noticed that my payment method was set to "COMMUNITY FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES". I don't know how my payment method ended up with that bank. I know for sure that what I selected when I added my bank details was BPI. Please help me with this. I am afraid that my first earnings will result in nothing.