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Issue with Identity verification process. Error: "We didn't receive your information yet"

Some users may experience issues with completing the Identity verification process. Screenshot of the error message below. 




We would like to let you know that our engineers are aware of this issue and they are working as fast as possible to resolve it. We will update this thread once we have more information. 


Edited to update information. 5/7/2024


We would like to let you know that the issue with Identity verification is now resolved. Please try again and let us know if the issue persists on your end. 


Community Member

I have been trying to verify my indentity for the last hour, but all I keep getting is 'we didn't receive your information yet' saying it's potentially my wifi or the wifi has potentially disconnected.


I assure you it's not my wifi, I have tried on 2 different wifis and my data and they're working fine.


Please can someone look into this and assist? 

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Today I accepted my first offer and was prompted to do an Identity Verification. I followed the instructions and did it on mobile. Tried both options 1 and 2, tried different IDs, also tried via mobile data and wifi. My internet connection is working just fine. But I keep getting the error - "We didn't receive your information yet." 


I tried the above so many times. Please help. Thank you!





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I have the same issue. 

I also posted here. And I see another person posted so looks like a known issue. 


Following this thread in case you found a solution. Thank you!

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Yes we have the same problem. i think it is on upwork error. 

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After trying 3/4 times, the process will start manually and it take almost 1 day to complete.

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Today May 7 2024 I got my first project it is asking for verification

i already provide all the info that needed. but still it is saying "We didn't receive your information yet." 
Ive tried it over 10 times but still not working? please fix, Thank you

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Hello my name is MJ Lekoro and thank you for accepting me

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Hi, I am new to Upwork and this happened to me to. I've tried it since last night and the web keeps saying the same thing as the person above stated. I didn't click the 'back' button to leave the site but it keeps doing that when the site submitting the information. Also, my wifi is working fine. Please fix this problem, thank you. 

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I hope upwork fix it now asap huhuhu


Hi Scott,


We checked with our verification team and they have confirmed that you will need to check the following:

  • The mobile browser is set to Desktop view. To fix this you need to go to settings and switch to Mobile view.
  • Also, you can complete the IDV directly from a mobile device.
  • It may also be possible that you are using a tablet such as an iPad, Ideatab, Galaxy Tab, etc., which is not supported by the IDV.

After checking, and you still experience the same issue, please let us know.