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Issue with accessing profile. Error: "We'll be right back" and "Sorry, we can't let you in"

Some users experience issues with accessing their accounts. 


Screenshot of error: 




We would like to let you know that our engineers are aware of this issue and they are working as fast as possible to resolve it. We will update this thread as soon as we have more information. 


Edited to update information. 


We would like to let you know that this issue should now be resolved. Please try again and let us know if the issue persists. 


Thank you. 

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I am having a challenge i withdrew yet have not gotten the money but already received an email for confirmation


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Me also facing same issue.

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Hi, how long will it take ?


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salut , Upwork j' actuellement un sous avec mon compte je veux me connécté  mais c'est sans succés aider moi s'il vous plait

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Screenshot (2).pngsame issue i have been facing since half an hour

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Hi, im having same issues, please help me I need to login to work! 


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I am facing the same issue when I tried signing back on my account.

When & how did it first emerged : 

I took a break from my work and closed the lid of my laptop. When I came back and tried accessing upwork it gives me error 403 and sometimes error 500 something. Kindly solve this issue asap as I have a potential interview with a client today or tomorrow.Someone please look into it and help me

Thanks alot!

P.S. I refreshed the page it letted me in once but didn't showed the navigation. These screenshots are from incognito mode, I tried cleared clearing the browser cache too but it didn't helped

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Unable to access Find Jobs

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i am also facing another issue in which one active proposal is not showing Screenshot (4).png