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Issue with "Client's recent history" section

Some users may experience issues with the "Client's recent history" section. You may notice that it is only showing Jobs in Progress. 


We shared your reports with our team and our engineers are working as fast as possible to resolve it. We will update this thread as soon as we have more information. 


Thank you for your patience. 


Edited to add information. (06.06.2023) 


Hi All,


In an effort to clear any confusion, we would like to clarify that the "Client's recent history" section showing only Jobs in Progress is not a test or intentional update. This is a technical issue and we are working as fast as possible to resolve it.


Thank you for your patience and understanding while we are working on resolving this issue.


Edited to update information. 06/21/2023


We would like to let you know that this issue is now resolved. Feel free to let us know if the issue persists on your end and we will be happy to assist you further. 

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I am unable to see past freelancer's reviews of any client on any job posting. I am able to see the active jobs and information about the client, but scrolling to the bottom of the job posting shows nothing except their other open jobs and then the green Upwork navigation footer. Support is not responding. 


ETA - I tried using the AI support chat, and the only suggestion was to make my profile public...my profile has been public for three-something years. 


Hi Dameshia,


Thank you for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. However, please understand that, unlike freelancers, clients do not have profiles that you can view. You'll only see information such as their hire rate, location, total spent, etc. on their job post. 


We truly appreciate and respect your feedback/suggestions. We'll continue sharing this with the rest of the teams and will surely keep the Community posted for any updates.


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I see Upwork is sneakily toying with the idea of removing Hire History (closed projects and feedback) from the job post page. It's either being A/B tested, or worse, it's already approved and being gradually phased in. Since no-one deemed it important enough to announce, let me leave some preemptive feedback on the newest "improvement". 


That section was one of the key indicators seasoned freelancers can use to gauge compatibility with the client. The stats section isn't enough, and taking away the next thing that can prevent projects going sour is not doing favours to either of the parties involved. Between this and adding the inane AI generated filler in job posts, it's like you want freelancers to shoot in dark. This is going to result in more disputes and support time, and more unhappy clients and freelancers, all because you keep taking away parts of the toolset we need to judge a good match. 



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Have to agree with you fully! There are repeat posts for the same project in my categories once very 4 days (and has been so for months now) and it is only the client history and feedback that shows it is a sort of soft scam to get work for cheap or for free. And now add the sudden jump in the number of connects to bid (12-18 in average) and it seems its all about getting freelancers to keep pumping money like betting in a casino and not the percentage for each successful project completed. The concept of boosted proposals also adds to that.

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Any proof? screenshot or a link?

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This is what all jobs from the feed look like to me: snap 1  |  snap 2


Upwork, can we maybe not show the username of the person uploading content, yeah? 

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Oh thats weird, only ongoing jobs are shown, where's the closed ones with feedbacks. I just noticed it's the same for me. Then how do we avoid bad clients? And what's the point of leaving a review for a client if noone else's going to see it

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Yes In My case It same. Only showing Ongoing work.

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Thank you Bojana!


Removal of that feature I actually object to. It's the single most important criteria for my decision to send a proposal. What would be the point in leaving feedback for clients, anyhow? Thank you for pointing this one out and hopefully it'll be noticed by more people - even though the increased Connect-stories currently steal the show.

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This tells us that there are almost no more legal clients left. Only scammers and bots. Who will spend connects on a scammer? Therefore, hiding is a next logical step. What the Upwork does last time is some kind of terrible dream. I hope I wake up and this idiocy was just a nightmare.