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Issues with Hiring/Making payments

We are investigating reports that some users may be receiving an error when attempting to hire, or make payments. Our engineers are looking into these errors and working to address the issue that's causing them. We will provide another update here and on the Upwork Status Page as soon as possible. We seek your patience and utmost understanding. Thank you!









This issue is now resolved!


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I'm trying to hire a freelancer - I made the payment two times and both times it was debited from my account but not updated on the contract just keep refrashing the page again - for one transaction I received an email that says that we received the payment but still not updated - what should I do in this case..?

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Same problem. Hiring a freelancer and the processing page keeps loading indefinitely. Payment has been debited from my bank card and I can see the it reflected in my Transaction History. No email from upwork confirming payment and can't proceed to give freelancer contract instructions.


Someone please help us.

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My cc was charged twice by the app for the same project. How can I cancel/get a refund?

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1d53180e_0-1695671860718.png  Look forward to any suggestions or guidance.



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We are trying to hire a couple of freelancers, but there seems to be a glitch in the platform that doesn't allow us to send the offer. We've tried to make the payments though different upwork accounts, and different browser servers, but nothing has helped. Is there a glitch going on?

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I was able to access my account literally minutes ago and now I have no access.

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I can not accept an invite.



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I've got the same error when trying to hire a freelancer just now. Attempted 3 times across Safari and Chrome browsers and got the error message each time. First time the payment page just kept reloading/refreshing until i pressed 'back'. My account however has been debited for the first milestone and i got an upwork email to confirm this also. Nothing shows in my Hires/Contracts on Upwork however. 


Also concerned i may get charged for the first milestone multiple times considering i tried a few times and have already been charged once. 


On your status page it says this was fixed yesterday but its obviously still an issue. 




Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 16.51.48.png

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Trying to hire and keep getting this error message. The page also kept loading and loading then eventually I recevied the error message. 



Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 12.09.48 PM.png

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Having this issue going back to yesterday...


Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 12.54.57 PM.png