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Issues with payments affecting clients

Some clients may experience issues with payments. 


We would like to let you know that our engineers are aware of this issue and they are working as fast as possible to resolve this issue. We will update this thread as soon as we have more information. 

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Any updates on this? Why is this taking so long? I want a real update... not "we are working on this".

It has been almost 5 days....

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 Why is this happening? I paid the milestone, why is this error 403 appearing on my account?

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Status changed to: Resolved
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I am also experiencing issues paying my contractor a milestone payment ... I get the message "Failed to send" I've been trying to pay her for 48 hours

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What the hell is going on?

Someone Please let me know alternatives services to Upwork. 

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Please Contact me on WhatsApp number
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Thank you.

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This thread is listed as RESOLVED but is not, I am having issues with my clients paying the milestones, one reports an error uploading files (huh? what files, they just want to pay) and the other one with the payment button grayed out not letting them press it.


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First I receive "We are investigating a problem with xxxxx's account. Please do not resume work until the contract is active again", then I I'm told I have to refund the client the hours I worked since their payment method was unsuccessful......and lastly, which I am not happy about, my $ earned from this client are not protected by UpWork.  Why?


Some projects/clients have work that is of a confidential nature or work is HIPAA-protected, therefore screenshots of what's being worked on are not allowed, as screenshots of PHI (private health information) violates Federal Law.  With this type of work the freelancer can only enter time manually, or, not entertain the contract at all, which isn't ideal for the freelancer or the client.


UpWork does NOT protect pay for work done using the Add Manual Time feature.   I've raised this issue before.  UpWork needs to develop & prioritize a workaround for freelancers for clients that do not agree to UpWork's time keeper program taking screenshots of their company-sensitive information or federally protected PHI.


I am working directly with my client to get paid.  We'll see how long that takes. This is the first client I've had where there has been a pay issue of any kind, and fortunately what is owed isn't a lot, but, that isn't the point in my post.

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It's June 7th and I am not able to pay my freelancers.  When I try to activate and fund their milestone, the system clocks and then eventually I get a message that it says the page is offline.  Two weeks in a row with problems trying to pay my freelancers. 😞



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This is a real issue and Upwork support is wasting so much valuable time. I request this issue gets escalated, as it's a real issue, and nobody really handles it. I have my ticket stuck for 6 days, unable to run business. We're losing customers and money here and everybody at upwork washes their hands. I request this to be escalated further than tier 1 - tier 2 support!